After completion of every assignment,  we always ask parents to give us feedback on our nanny in areas of cooking and babycare so that we can improve ourselves better.

We are honoured to have received many positive reviews as a confinement nanny agency.

These are important to us and have motivated us to continue to provide good confinement care services to our customers like you!


Nanny is patient with my newborn. Cooking suits my family. Cheerful nanny. Good experience with nanny and she taught me a lot along the way. Thank you.

Adeline Lui
May 2018

Reliable agent. Using twice and love recommending to friends who eventually used the agent and shared similar positive feedback. Prompt in replies and very reasonable rates. Thumbs up!

Kenneth Tong (Repeat Client)
May 2018

My husband and I appreciate the professionalism and administrative ease in using your services. Nanny looked after our baby very well and we wish we had come across your agency for our first child.

Penelope Loh
May 2018

Nanny was like a mother to us and grandma to our baby. Very warm and good

Raynard Lim
Apr 2018

Good service from The nanny is hardworking, delicious dishes cooked by her during my confinement. Glad to have her as my nanny and we will recommend her to our friends.

Sun Meijin
Apr 2018

We will highly recommend to all my friends who need a confinement nanny.

Koh Hwa Shong (Repeat Client)
Apr 2018

My husband and I would like to show our gratitude to nanny for taking care of our baby and myself for the past 28 days. She had been very patient and encouraging me to breastfeed, which I successfully did avoiding formula milk. Her cooking was delicious and we never grow tired of it everyday. Your agency is indeed fortunate to have such a dedicated and professional nanny. We will definitely recommend her to all Mother-to-be and would wish her to be our nanny if we plan for no.3. Thank you once again for assigning nanny to us.

Rajeswary S P
Mar 2018

This is my 2nd time using Both times, the quality of nanny was very high & process very smooth. I also used them for Jamu massage as found the package to be cheapest in the market. Very satisfied.

Chetwadee Singhakowin (Repeat Client)
Mar 2018

We were happy with the service provided.

Mayu Fujii
Jan 2018

In general, the service is good. Most importantly, the nanny loves our baby and take good care of him.

He Qianyi
Jan 2018

Nanny was very helpful and knowledgeable about care of baby and is thoughtful and considerate. She is also very responsible and really has a passion for the work. Josephine was also very efficient. Nanny is also willing to teach us how to care for our baby.

Mercy Teo
Jan 2018

Very happy with the service of the nanny and have been a great help. Than you for your help and service.

Eve Tay
Nov 2017

We are very happy to have a good nanny to take care of our pre-mature baby. She cooks well and care for the baby whole-heartedly. Our baby is fed promptly and she grows up strong and healthy. Overall, I would recommend to whoever want the nanny services.

Winson Lim
Oct 2017

Nanny is very experienced and takes care of both mommy and baby well. provides us with assurance of their service quality. I will definitely recommend to my friends.

Lin SiJie
Sept 2017

The service is good. Explanations are clear. Very responsive. The nanny is very experienced and caring.

Joely Chong
May 2017