We have more than hundred testimonials received in our years of service and all are listed below. It will  take a while to go through all of them!

Nanny helped relieve mummy with the household chores and helped look after baby and gave helpful advise and this allowed mummy to rest.

Jaclynn Goh
Aug 12

ConfinementNanny.com provides prompt and efficient service. Jo is helpful and responds to feedback and queries within a short time frame. Overall, I’m quite satisfied with ConfinementNanny.com.

Jeanette Yeo
Aug 12

We are really satisfied with the service. Thanks.

Furukawa Toru
Jul 12

Auntie was a great help to me during my confinement period. Her positive work attitude and cheerful disposition made her a pleasure to have around the house. Her cooking skills are splendid, making each meal time a delight to look forward to. Auntie is also highly experienced in caring for twins. Most importantly, she demonstrates true joy and love for babies. I certainly would not have been able to cope with looking after my newborn twins if not for her!

Foo Hui Meng
Jul 12

Service of Josian Services is very good. They follow up/check on whether nanny is good. Nanny is very experienced, be it in handling baby or preparing nutritious food for mother.

Edward Gan
Jul 12

Nanny exceeded our expectations. She was helpful even through the difficult aspect of breastfeeding and engorgement. She offered us advice and her experience in baby care and typical baby behavior. She has been a tremendous blessing to us. Knowing that ConfinementNanny.com is behind nanny’s service is added peace of mind for us.

Jennifer Hoe
Jun 12

Nanny is ever willing to help & offer her advice to the best of her ability.

Lorraine Low
May 12

The Confinement lady helped a lot in taking care of the baby as well as teaching us how to shower the baby, feeding, etc

Pauline Han
Apr 12

Nanny is very kind and patient. She cooks soup for me every night. I will definitely recommend her to my friends in the near future. Thanks!

Angie Zhou
Apr 12

Nanny is very accommodating & willing to accept other ideas, experienced & caring. Energetic. Would highly recommend.

Mrs Felicia Yeo (repeat mommy)
Mar & Apr 2012

We started looking for a confinement nanny last minute, however ConfinementNanny.com is able to assign an experience nanny for us. Thank you ConfinementNanny.com for giving us such a wonderful experience!

Alison Wee
Apr 12

We are really happy with the nanny assigned to us. The food she cooked was superb and also taught us a lot of valuable lessons eg. Bathing the baby, etc. Many thanks to Josian Services and nanny for providing me with a wonderful confinement time.

Michael Chan
Apr 12

We are generally happy with the service provided by Jo & nanny service was prompt and reliable.

Shirley Lee
Mar 12

Nanny was great help to me. Although this is my 2nd kid, she impaired some more valuable skills & tips for childcare & taking care of myself as well. All our family members liked & got along well with her. She is very patient, trustworthy, takes initiative, in short, she was godsend! 😉

Lynette Wong
Mar 12

Auntie is very nice and took good care of my baby. She helped me a lot and met my expectations. She also cooked for my family and looked after my son. I would like to recommend ConfinementNanny.com to my friends who are expecting! Thank you very much!

Ada Xue
Feb 12