We have more than hundred testimonials received in our years of service and all are listed below. It will  take a while to go through all of them!

Good service. Wonderful & caring nanny. Love the baby and even cooks for the entire family.

Katherine Chia
Feb 12

Nanny was very friendly, helpful and resourceful. She has provided us a lot of useful information with regards to taking are our newborn son. She has a cheerful personality which helped to promote comfortable atmosphere in order for me to have a relax ambience during my confinement period. Overall she has all the necessary skills and experience and we are glad to have her on board . Thank you.

Jenny Lou
Jan 12

I really like and love this auntie so much. She takes good care of me & my son.

Angeline Yeo (repeat mommy)
Jan 12

Josian Services really allows me to rest and enjoy my confinement as they have experienced confinement lady.

Jenny Low
Dec 11

I am glad that I got to know about ConfinementNanny.com. They assign me a good helper and therefore help me throughout my confinement and taking good care of my baby.

Judith Chew
Dec 11

Nanny cooks well and she loves my baby a lot. She handles her very well and patiently. She also took time to prepare herbs and stuff that I can cook after she leaves.

Adeline Ang
Dec 11

Nanny provides great care for the baby & myself. She show ropes in taking care of infant for new mommy.

Noel Lim
Nov 11

It has been a great experience and the nanny passed down good tips on baby handling.

Annette Tan
Nov 11

Nanny was immensely helpful, friendly and accommodating and made my recovery so much easier and faster. I would recommend you, Jo, and nanny anytime. Thank you so much!

Penelope Velton (repeat mommy)
Nov 11

We had to make a last minute decision to have our baby delivered a month earlier than expected. ConfinementNanny.com was responsive and quick in helping us to arrange a nanny that’s effective and experience. Thank you!

Kelvin Kew
Oct 11

Jo was not only professional, but also friendly as family. Nanny took care of our baby as her loved one. It was good choice that I choose them.

Yoko Hirose
Oct 11

The important thing I look into a nanny is her proactivenss and attentiveness to care for the mum and baby. The nanny assigned to me fulfilled my requirements and I would say, it surpasses my expectation. Many thanks to ConfinementNanny.com for making my life easier.

Valerie Quek
Sep 11

The confinement ladies engaged consist of valuable experiences and are willing to share with the mums, especially the first-time mums on food and baby care.

Cindy Chua (repeat mommy)
Aug 11

Very Independent and trustworthy. Auntie is also very knowledgeable in baby care. I trust her completely with my baby and it is a pleasant confinement period for me.

Cai ShuZhen
Aug 11

Auntie has met all my expectations. She was very competent in taking care of my newborn and cooks very well for me and my husband. She also helped to keep my house in a clean & neat condidtion. Won’t have survived the one month without her! 😉

April Lim
Aug 11