We have more than hundred testimonials received in our years of service and all are listed below. It will  take a while to go through all of them!

ConfinementNanny.com is able to provide you nanny services that can ensure that the mother and baby are in good care. They are able to deliver their claim of “Happy Mommy, Happy Baby”.

Suah Jun
Mar 11

Highly recommended.

Valarie Zhuo
Mar 11

Nanny is a great cook who always find ways to present her food in an appetizing way. She even teaches me how to cook so that I could pick up some skills to prepare my meals after she leaves.

Cindy Lim
Mar 11

We are very happy with our baby’s nanny. She is competent in taking care of our baby, she makes sure mother eat well and rest well. Very organize nanny, strongly recommend for expectant mom.

Murina Chong
Feb 11

Nanny is good in handling my boy. She had also taught me the correct latching position and greatly reduced my breastfeeding stress. In addition, she is a great cook with great initiative.

Debby Lim
Jan 11

Service provided by agent is good and prompt. Agent showed responsibility and timely responsiveness to requests. Nanny has been a great help and a great cook. Nanny can be recommended to others. Good job!

Amelia Toh
Jan 11

Nanny is very helpful and experience, very patient with baby. Keep it up!

Iris Ong
Dec 10

Nanny was very professional especially in baby care. She is clean & very patient towards baby. She is very helpful to cook for the family. Nanny is good.

Lisa Kho
Dec 10

Having used other confinement agencies before, my husband & I were very much relieved & delighted that the nanny was someone dedicated & reliable. In addition, nanny also cooked yummy meals for my elder toddler. Thank you for making my confinement a time whereby I can truly recuperate from childbirth.

Serene Yeo
Dec 10

Nanny is a very gentle, patient and motherly confinement nanny. She takes good care of the baby and is very patient when my baby throws tantrums. She takes good care of the mommy as well, making sure meals are served timely and to the taste of the mommy. She is very encouraging when it comes to breastfeeding. She shares her own experiences but does not overwhelm you with her comments.

Gean Chia
Dec 10

Auntie is very responsible and hardworking. She took care of baby & myself very well. She’s an excellent cook! Our sincere thanks to her!

Sharon Koo
Dec 10

Nanny has been very helpful during my confinement period. She is patient and caring towards my baby. She is diligent in carrying out the household chores and a very fast worker. Will highly recommend ConfinementNanny.com!

Angela Tan
Nov 10

Confinement nanny assigned is very professional. She is very knowledgeable & takes care of me & baby meticulously.

Chin Siew Lan
Nov 10

Nanny is very jovial and modest person. Unlike some nannies who are proud and command some form of respect from people, she is very friendly and accommodating. She is not selfish in sharing her knowledge on cooking. She is also very caring as she would suggest making different kind of tonic soups for me. I am very happy with her service and will recommend ConfinementNanny.com to my friends.

Alice Tan
Nov 10

We had a very smooth experience with confinementnanny.com, Jo was wonderful and it was a relief on our part not to have to worry about getting one confinement nanny here & she’ll handle everything. The nanny was wonderful and she was very accommodating and gave insightful tips & valuable advice on caring for baby. She was indeed a god send to us.

Janelyn Yeo
Oct 10