We have more than hundred testimonials received in our years of service and all are listed below. It will  take a while to go through all of them!

Nanny is a very caring & dedicated nanny. She communicates very well and is very knowledgeable. She wakes up late at night to feed the baby promptly. She is a very good cook and could whip up several dishes akin to restaurant standards. If I happen to be pregnant again, I would hire her again & employ ConfinementNanny.com services again.

Happy Mother from Seng Kang
Mar 2016

Nanny is foremost a lovely person – she was a nice addition to our home. We will miss her! She took wonderful care of our baby.

Ada Feygenson
Dec 2015 – Feb 2016

Nanny is very good. Takes care of mommy & baby very well. She is cheery & also hygienic. The agency is also quick in responding to our requests.

Jeff Foo
Jan 2016

Jo has been really warm & seeks to understand my concerns when it comes to expectations on nanny. As so nanny has been really great with my baby, even with my boy when he is home. Food is always yummy & I value the support she gives me on breastfeeding. Thank you to ConfinementNanny.com for great service & for introducing great nanny too.

Eva Cheng
Jan 2016

Nanny is patient and hardworking. I will certainly look for her if I have a second child!!! Sincerely thank her for helping out, especially the night time of feedings, changing diapers etc. Thank you 

Ng Yap Hui
Dec 2015

I am very happy with nanny. She is very helpful during my confinement. Her cooking is very very delicious. She was very helpful in taking care of my kids.

Welly Suzana
Dec 2015

Thanks for the wonderful confinement. Nanny and I hit off very well. I enjoyed learning a lot of knowledge from her both about caring for baby and personal experiences. I’ll definitely recommend nanny to other mummies-to-be

Melissa Choo
Dec 2015

I found ConfinementNanny.com to be efficient & accommodating to my urgent request. I also found nanny to be extremely patient with my baby who was undergoing bottle refusal which made feeds very challenging. Highly Recommended

Gwendolene Yeo
Nov 2015

Nanny has cared well for my newborn. She is very patient with my baby. Thank you so much nanny for everything! 😉

Audrey Sim
Nov 2015

I am glad that I engaged my confinement nanny through ConfinementNanny.com. My CL has helped me a lot during this period. I was able to rest and recover fast after one week. My baby is growing fast and progressively well. I will recommend ConfinementNanny.com to all the new mommies. Than you Josephine and CL!

Celia Ng
Nov 2015

The nanny was pleasant and helpful and she took instructions well.

Larissa Tan
Nov 2015

Nanny takes very good care of my baby & she is very professional.

Mrs Ng
Nov 2015

I’m quite thankful that nanny was able to help me during my confinement period. Especially my son is quite active during night time. Thanks ConfinementNanny.com

Suriaman Sulsino (Repeat Client)
Oct 2015

My confinement nanny has been most helpful. We are really glad to have her. Her cooking is great and she also gave invaluable advice to us on health and food matters.

Sara Phua
Oct 2015

Nanny is well trained in infant care. We can have a peaceful night rest with nanny performing night duties (ie. Changing diaper, night feed, etc). The confinement food is good too.

Joanne Ng
Oct 2015