We have more than hundred testimonials received in our years of service and all are listed below. It will  take a while to go through all of them!

The confinement lady is hardworking and very helpful in providing us with tips to take care of our baby. She is also very prompt and takes initiative to do whatever she can. I would strongly recommend her in future.

Ng Lay Ling
Jan 2015

A truly passionate nanny who loves her job and taught us practical lessons that were not taught during my pre-natal class. Very good time management. Someone who will gather my whims and I manage to get a good rest

Lin Jiangyue
Dec 2014

Above average in overall performance.

Tan Hui Ping
Dec 2014

Nanny is good at handling baby and me. Good in cooking as well.

Irene Cheng
Dec 2014

The nanny takes care of baby well and is responsible

Ng Tiong King
Dec 2014

Very pleased with nanny’s service. My family all get along well with nanny. Take good care of baby so that I can have a good rest.

Wu YangYang
Nov 2014

Nanny really exceeded our expectations. Couldn’t have asked for a better nanny.

Ong Song Kun
Nov 2014

Nanny is very committed and responsible. She has good knowledge in babycare and taking care of the mother.

Loh Wee Sin
Nov 2014

Our nanny is very skillful and hardworking, we are very satisfied with her service.

Lim Kim Boon
Nov 2014

Our confinement nanny know how to sooth our baby and keep her calm. Her cooking is also good and tasty. She is helpful around the house and is willing to help. It was our pleasure having her with us during my confinement. Thanks.

Sharon & Jean
Oct 2014

Nanny was a great help & emotional support and very willing and eager to share her knowledge. Treated me and baby like her own family. Also shared her knowledge with baby’s grandparents who will care for baby when I return to work

Stephanie Shi
Oct 2014

Nanny is very responsible and dedicated nanny. She is very knowledgeable and very forth coming in sharing tips on baby care. She is able to help us as new parents to go through all the necessary information without being very persistent. Her dual lingo has abled her for better communication with my Eurasian family. I feel safe with my baby under her are.

Tan Wen Suen
Aug – Oct 2014

Auntie is very good, professional and genuine in caring toward baby.

Sep 2014

I am very pleased with the service provided. Nanny is very kind and helpful. She goes beyond and provide extra guidance and help to my family. She’s very patient and gentle to baby. She takes good care of me too, cooks well and adjust everything to suit my needs. Thank you nanny and Jo Cofinement Nanny Agency.

Mrs Lim Chun Yong
Sep 2014

Good job.

Julian Ong
Aug 2014