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As a mother with a newborn, it can be very tiring to be providing postnatal care for the child on your own. Babies require 24-hour supervision for feeding, cuddling, and diaper changing. Plus, you've just given birth, which is an exhausting process. You may also have other children to take care of in the home. But it's important to know that you're not alone - you can always hire a confinement nanny to help pamper yourself and your child.
Hiring a confinement nanny (also known as a confinement aunty) will provide many services that benefit you and your family. She will help take care of the baby by soothing, cuddling, and bathing the child. She'll change diapers and make sure the child is properly fed. A confinement nanny will also cook delicious and nutritious confinement meals for the mother to boost maternal strength after the long period of pregnancy. They're typically hired for 28 days, about a month long to help the new mom and care for the baby.
ConfinementNanny.com can provide you with a trained and experienced confinement nanny who will ensure the health of you and your child. We conduct detailed background checks and yearly health assessments to ensure our nannies are free of HIV and hepatitis A & B. Our nannies have at least four years of experience working as a full time confinement nanny and are legally working in Singapore. We'll often personalize the service to provide a nanny that matches your family's needs. We frequently receive feedback on our nannies' cooking skills and baby care that allows us to ensure you are receiving only the best care possible. Our nannies receive continuous training for care of new mothers and their children.
Our confinement nanny agency has been featured on the local news and has consistently received glowing reviews for our nannies from the many customers who have booked them before. Our thorough process ensures that you will receive the best confinement lady possible through our detailed, customized service.
If you've just given birth, it's a tiring process that can leave you exhausted. You also have a new child to care for. The confinement nanny industry is a long-held tradition that provides superb and loving care to new mothers and their babies. Let an experienced professional help you after a long pregnancy and hard labor. After all, you deserve it. Childbirth is one of the most miraculous occurrences on Earth, and you've just accomplished an amazing goal - bringing a little one into the world.
Our nannies' recommendations from mommies indicate that mothers experience less stress with a confinement nanny working in the house.
According to Kris Ng: "I did not have any confinement nanny for my first two kids. This third one being my last, I decided to pamper myself for once and I hired one. I have since realized how helpful and important it is to have one. And with this nanny, it benefits me even more to realize how to handle babies and toddlers with lots and lots of patience."

New mothers deserve to be cared for after childbirth. Hire a trained confinement nanny to help you recover, gain strength, and provide better care for your precious newborn child.
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