The definition of breastfeeding is the action of feeding a baby with milk from the breast (either direct or indirectly)

In today’s society, new mothers are encouraged to breastfeed their babies as there are lots of health benefits to both new mothers and their new borns.

There are different ways to breastfeed your new born. Mainly direct latching or expressing out your breastmilk. Whichever is more comfortable and convenient as new mothers should enjoy their new bundle of joy instead of stressing out themselves over feeding of baby.

Direct latching of baby is the most convenient way as new mothers do not need to prepare pumps and milk bottles. Expressing out your breastmilk has it’s benefits too as it can help you relieve the feeding time. After expressing out your breastmilk, your family members, helpers or a hired confinement nanny can help to feed your baby. A bottle, syringe or cup can be some ways to feed baby. When babies are bottle fed, it will be an easier transition to switch the feeding method when you have to go back to work after your maternity leave. If you are a stay at home mother, direct latch will be the most convenient as there is no washing and sterilizing of bottles. The best part is you can bond with your baby during feeding.

Please do not feel bad when a new mother cannot fully breastfeed her baby. A new mother’s health is more important than anything else as there is formula milk that can satisfies baby’s need. We believe mental health is also important for a new mother so that she can enjoy her new motherhood. Happy Mommy, Happy Baby!