You might ask, why do I need a Confinement Nanny, or do I really need one?

Do you realize that from the moment you are pregnant, your body goes through a lot of changes? Be it hormonal or physical, these changes affect our body for a period of 9 months.

Even after birth, your body is also not being spared of these changes. Some mothers get post-natal depression due to hormonal imbalance, excessive water retention and fat deposits around the waist, arms and hips area. Therefore appropriate post natal care is very important and there is a saying “ The better the post natal care, the less illness and pain”. If the new mother does not take care during this period, the roots of various ailments will establish themselves and lie dormant in her body, surfacing in her middle age or later. This saying has been deeply ingrained in our Chinese society.

New mothers need to recuperate from childbirth and body changes. In the olden days, mother-in-laws are the ones who took care of both new mother and baby. However, with the modernization of society and changes in family nucleus, we often engage an experienced Confinement Nanny to do the job.

A Confinement Nanny is engaged for 28days to care for both new mother and baby. Special meals are prepared for the mother to absorb and supplement essential nutrients that have been lost during pregnancy and childbirth. These meals comprise mainly ginger, sesame oil, red dates, wolfberries, Chinese rice wine cooked together with vegetables, fish, chicken or pork.

You might ask, “I can cater for confinement food right?” Of course you can cater for confinement food.

But a Confinement Nanny also helps to take care of the newborn who is adjusting to the new environment. She will bathe, feed baby (also during the night) so as to ensure complete rest for new mother. Mothers who breastfeed need ample rest to ensure good supply of milk for baby. Babies who are showered with lots of tender loving care are less fussy and more cheerful, resulting in happier mothers too!

Confinement Nanny not only takes care of mother and newborn, she will do laundry for mother and baby, prepare herbal bath for mother, marketing for ingredients of confinement food (if required) and also do some basic housework 3 times a week if there is no helper.

Therefore, by taking proper care of yourself during the first month of birth will help you recuperate your body to pre-pregnancy state so as to enjoy your new bundle-of-joy!