1. What are the benefits of booking through ConfinementNanny.com?

By booking through us, you will save the hassle of making phone calls to various nannies, picking up the nanny, calling the nanny to confirm again nearer to delivery date, etc. Most importantly, avoid unpleasant surprises by nannies who do not turn up or call up to cancel your  appointment with her days before you deliver.


2. When should I start to book a nanny?

Our recommendation is as early as possible so that we can match a nanny closest to your requirements and confinement period.


3. Do I get to choose the nanny?

As delivery dates are usually estimates, the nanny of your choice may still be on assignment, not feel well before the assignment or has urgent family matter to attend right before the assignment starts.  Hence we will discourage clients to choose their nanny to avoid disappointments.  Do rest assure that we will match a nanny closest to your requirements and confinement period.


4. Do I need to pay agent fee for services?

You DO NOT NEED TO PAY EXTRA FEES, all are already included in the prices quoted.


5. How do I proceed with my bookings?

Upon confirmation on our services, a $800/$900 non-refundable deposit is collected. Balance payment will be collected on nanny’s arrival day.  Once deposit is collected, a nanny will be reserved for you.


6. How much to prepare for the ‘ang paos’?

Our advice for 1st day ‘ang pao’ is minimum $38 & above, as for last day ‘ang pao’ is based on nanny’s performance. On average,  our nannies receive between the amount of $100-$250.


7. Do I get a replacement nanny if things do not work out for our current nanny?

First time replacement of nanny is FREE, subsequent replacement will be charged at $100/replacement.


8. Why is there a need to apply work permit for the confinement nanny?

As we are MOM Licenced, we need to apply work permit for our confinement nannies. This is to ensure that our nannies are legally working in Singapore.


9. What’s the requirement to apply for a Temporary Work Permit?

Applicant must be :

  • Above the age of 21
  • Not an undischarged bankrupt
  • Singaporean/PR/Employment Pass Holder


10. How do I pay the levy?

The levy will start on the day the TWP is issued. The Central Provident Fund Board (CPF) will collect the levy on behalf of MOM. The levy bill will be mailed to directly to the employer on the following month. If the employer has a Giro account for their FDW, the levy will be deducted directly from their approved Giro account.


11. Is medical insurance required for Confinement Nanny?

MOM requires all employers to have medical insurance cover for confinement nanny. (Kindly check with your own insurance agent or we can pass you more information if required.) Extracted from item 5 of Notice of Issuance of Temporary Work Permit by MOM.

“You are required to purchase and maintain Medical Insurance for your foreign worker’s inpatient care and day surgery during her stay in Singapore. For medical insurance policies taken up or renewed on or after 1 Jan 2010, the insurance coverage must be at least S$15,000. Please note that under the Regulatory Conditions of Work Permits, employers are responsible for and shall bear the cost of the upkeep and maintenance of their foreign workers, including the provision of medical treatment.”


12. Covid-19 Measures

Request of getting a Covid-19 Swab done for our nanny before the assignment,  the following arrangements can be made during nanny’s rest day:-

a) We can arrange for you to bring nanny (to pick up from her place of residence) to a clinic of your choice to do the necessary tests. All costs will be borne by client.

b) We can arrange for nanny to go to the clinic of your choice with an administration and transport cost of $50, all other tests cost will be borne by client.

Depending on the tests required by client,  some test results may take longer. Hence please be prepared for a probability of delay on the start of assignment.


13. Nanny Vaccination

Our nannies have registered for Covid-19 vaccination.  If our nanny has a vaccination appointment during the assignment period, please do allow her to fulfill her appointment as we are not able to control nanny’s assignment period and vaccination date.