Finally home with your newborn baby after being discharged from the hospital can be an exciting yet stressful time for first time new mothers.

No matter how much research you did from books, the internet and other people around you, these advices or methods that worked for others may not work for you and your newborn baby.

What should you do?
Most new mothers focus their energy into taking care of their newborn babies and neglect their own wellbeing. What is most important is to look after themselves during the first month after delivery so that they can care for their babies after the confinement nanny or family help leaves their home.

Especially for new mothers who breastfeed their newborn baby. What they eat is very important as vitamins and nutrients will be passed to their newborn baby through breastmilk. A new mother should have a balanced diet. Fish or food containing fatty acids are an essential source of DHA, which can be passed to the newborn baby for healthy brain and eye development.

To have adequate breastmilk for newborns, new mothers are advised to catch up with some sleep while baby is sleeping, and relieve themselves of all responsibilities other and feeding the baby and taking care of themselves. We know that it is difficult to juggle especially if you are a first time new mother as breastfeeding can be overwhelmed with exhaustion because newborn baby has no fixed feeding schedules and has to be fed on demand.

Other than adequate rest and balanced diet, new mothers also need to drink at least 8-10 glasses of fluids a day. This allows them to hydrate and to have adequate breast milk production.

Due to hormonal changes after birth, new mothers may experience “baby blues” two to four days after delivery. It is normal to feel emotional or the urge to burst into tears for no apparent reason or for reasons that may seem trivial to others. Therefore, it is important to have supportive family members who can give a helping hand when new mothers needs to take a break from their baby.

Post-natal massages provides a sense of continuing comfort for the new mother. Benefits of post-natal massage include relaxation, relief mother of tension and stress from everyday activities and mothering duties. It relieves aches on shoulder and neck from carrying or feeding your newborn baby. When you feel good about yourself, it is easier to meet the needs of your newborn.

Taking good care of yourself as a new mother is the best gift you can give to your newborn baby. Healthy and happy mommy makes baby happy too! Enjoy your every moment with your precious bundle.