Upon receiving news of your pregnancy, many things will flow into your mind.  What are your plans for baby care, how to decorate your baby’s room, how you imagine your first month with baby is like, are you able to fully breastfeed your baby and the list goes on…..

Holding your bundle of joy is the most beautiful moment.  Sweet baby smell and the surreal feeling of carrying your newborn, a creation from love.  It’s like a dream come true and a picture perfect moment for memory.

Most of the time, expectations and reality can be different. We can never be at our most prepared state when it comes to welcoming your newborn home.

Then comes the reality.  Pain in your body post delivery, be it natural birth or via c-section.  Sometimes complications might result from delivery which can be unexpected and stressful.  The bulging tummy makes you feel like you are still 5 months pregnant. Weird thoughts come to you like “I am so unattractive now, I am so fat, how to loose this big tummy, where is my freedom if I need to be with baby most of the time as I will be breastfeeding my baby, what did I get myself into…….”

Hence, it is important to have both emotional and physical support from family, especially from the new daddy and immediate family members. To share some chores like night care of baby, laundry, cooking and simple household cleaning up. The role of new daddy also plays a very important role to your well being as a new mother. If you do not have much support from family, engaging an external help like a confinement nanny to relieve some chores is one option which you can consider as this can also help to relieve some work load from the new daddy too.

Having nutritious meals and enough rest are two main areas that helps you with your recuperation from delivery.  With a confinement nanny around the house, she can help with cooking, baby care, laundry and simple household chores.

What ways and methods to care for your newborn and how you would like to do during your confinement period boils down to your preference and beliefs.  What works for one mother may not work for another.  Do express out your preferences and expectations to people who will be supporting you during the confinement period.

Wishing you great parenting!

Happy Mommy, Happy Baby