Mind and Body Wellness for New Mothers

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The massage can be done immediately after discharge if yours is a normal delivery. However, for cesarean section delivery, we encourage mothers to wait for at least 2 weeks after delivery or when incision is properly healed to start post natal massage.

Post natal massage brings body back to its  pre-pregnancy condition by retaining muscles and connective tissue. It also  helps to realign the body weight to its original distribution, helps reinstate  the uterus to its normal state,  eliminates excess body fluids and tones the over  stretched areas of skin especially over the abdomen.

Benefits of post natal massage also include  relaxation, relief mother of tension and stress  from everyday activities and  mothering duties. It also relieves aches on  shoulders and neck from carrying or  feeding your newborn. Another benefit is to  promote blood circulation within the  body.

We use 2 different types of  oil for the massage. Jamu oil is  applied to the stomach and a tummy wrap (bengkung – a cotton cloth of 15 metres)  is used to wrap the body so as to push  the uterus, clear water retention, wind,  shrinks the tummy and helps to reduce  weight. Hot oil with lemon, lemongrass and  eucalyptus is used on other parts of  the body. Lemon and lemongrass helps to  reduce water retention, burn fats accumulated during pregnancy and eucalyptus is  to dispel wind that developed during labour.

We guarantee a flatter tummy  in 7  sessions!

Our post-natal massage comes in 2  packages – 7 sessions & 10 sessions


7 session Package (1hr)    $550 nett   (incl. 2 FREE infant massage session  worth $24)
10 session Package (1hr)  $750 nett   (incl. 5 FREE infant massage session  worth $60)