Weight Management through The Healthy Way



New mothers need to recuperate from childbirth and body changes. Body changes include excessive water retention and fat deposits around the waist, arms and hip area.

Post natal massages bring your body back to it’s pre-pregnancy condition by retaining muscles and connective tissue.

But what about the Fat Deposits around the Waist, Arms and Hip area? Eating right is essential if you want to manage your weight and stay in shape.


2nd pregnancy


10 DAYS WEIGHT LOSS SUPPORT SYSTEM! Learn how to eat smart and eat right in 10 days, NO REBOUND.

*Lose 2-4kg in 10 days
*Strictly no crash dieting
*Coach will guide your meals daily
*Personal coaching

*** Safe for breastfeeding mothers!


Losing body fat and weight is beneficial for the body and mind. This definitely will be a confidence booster with regards to physical appearance.

New mothers deserve to LOOK GOOD and FEEL CONFIDENT!

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