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A must-have drink during your confinement period.

The key ingredients for RED DATES LONGAN DRINK include dried longan, wolfberries, and red dates.


Take a look at the two ways to enjoy our tasty drink:


1. Make the drink with a spicy kick of ginger.

In this version of the drink, old ginger is added to the key ingredients of red dates, wolfberries and longan. Your throat will feel warmer due to the spiciness of the ginger.

This version is normally a part of confinement meals being offered in the hospitals.


2. Make the drink with black dates and dong sam.

Adding black dates and dong sam to the dried longan, wolfberries, and red dates make a sweeter drink. Easier on the throat too!


How to make the drink:

1. Rinse all ingredients and put them together in a pot of water..  The water amount should be around 1 litre.

2. Simmer for at least 45 mins.

3. Serve warm.


Tip: The drink will not be considered too “heaty” if the seeds in the dates are removed.

All the above ingredients can be easily found in Chinese medical halls.


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