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1) Matching nanny closest to your requirements

We pride ourselves for being able to match our nannies closest to your household requirements. As we always make sure we know about your requirements through questions with regards to your household information. This minimizes the need for a replacement nanny due to a mismatch.


2) MOM Licenced

Our Confinement Nanny Agency is MOM Licenced (Licence No. 09C3088). Parents will have a peace of mind as all our nannies are issued with a Temporary Work Permit (TWP) by MOM. We will settle all necessary paperwork for the applications of nanny’s TWP. All you have to do is to pay for the administrative fee and levy for nanny’s TWP.


3) Deposit for reservation of Confinement Nanny

To confirm a nanny from our company, we will have to meet up for deposit collection. Our operations will only reserve a nanny for you upon receipt of deposit. At the same time, you will have to fill up nanny’s work permit application form for submission to MOM.


4) Types of Nanny Services

  1. Day Confinement Nannies (9am to 6pm)
  2. Live-In Confinement Nannies

Daily duties :

  • Confinement cooking for mommy
  • Do Marketing (if required)
  • Laundry for the mother & newborn
  • Do basic housework such as sweeping & moping the floor and cleaning up of kitchen
  • Provide general baby care (24 hours for Live-In nanny – to ensure complete rest for mummy)

Refer to Confinement Nanny’s Duties for more details.


5) Refund of Deposit

Should there be an unfortunate situation where there is a miscarriage or pregnancy failure, we will refund your deposit in full upon receiving your doctor’s certification.


6) Arrival of Confinement Nanny on day of assignment

We will follow up with you the day before your discharge to confirm the start of nanny’s assignment. Nanny will arrive at the place of assignment any time after 2pm. New mommy, nanny and a representative from our company will go through a Pre-Confinement Checklist on the expectations and preferences in your household to minimize miscommunication.


7) Follow up on Confinement Nanny assigned

We will follow up with you (new mother) on the 4th or 5th day of nanny’s assignment on how is nanny adapting to your family. This is to ensure a smooth and enjoyable confinement period for you.


8) Extension of Confinement Nanny’s Services

In the event that you need to extend our nanny’s services, we will handle all necessary paperwork to MOM for extension of nanny’s TWP.


9) Replacement of nanny

If there is a need to replace the nanny (eg. Nanny is not well, family matters to attend at home or not suitable for your family), we would require at least 3 days for the replacement nanny to come in. Request must be made before 12pm. One time free replacement, subsequent replacement will be at $100 per replacement.


10) Annual Medical Check-Up

Our nannies go through yearly check up on HIV, Hepatitis A & B.


You can refer to the FAQ as well.

Go ahead and call us for a non-obligatory and friendly discussion on your confinement needs today!