We have more than hundred testimonials received in our years of service and all are listed below. It will  take a while to go through all of them!

The nanny was very responsible in taking care of the baby and efficient in her duties which allowed mummy to have sufficient rest during the service period. I am once again thankful (returning customer) with Josephine for find me a good nanny.

Joan Liao
May 2019

As this was our third and last baby, we engaged our “Ayi” for 2 months instead of the standard 1 month so I could make a proper post-birth recovery while managing my two older children. We are so thankful to have had Ayi with us during this time. Ayi made nutritious yet delicious meals and soups for me each day, and even taught my helper how to make them for me after my confinement period is over. She tenderly looked after my baby boy who was born prematurely at 7 months gestation. I was a bit rusty on newborn care after a few years passed since my second child was born, so she helped refresh my memory on how to bathe our baby properly. You can tell she genuinely loves working with newborns. She also bonded with my two older girls as well while she stayed in our home. Best of all, she helped me get as good a night’s rest as can be possible when having to nurse a newborn. We will all miss Ayi very much when she returns to Malaysia and wish her all the best!

Rebecca (Repeat Mommy)
Apr - Jun 2019

We really appreciate our confinement Nanny - auntie Alice. She is very patient and detail driven. She takes care of my baby 24-7 diligently, I can fully trust her so I have a peace of mind to fully focus on my confiment period and breastmilk pumping. Thank you so much auntie Alice.
我們非常感謝月婆Alice. 她很有耐心又細心,全天候不眠不休照顧我的baby, 我可以完全信任她,因為有她的照料, 我專心坐月子很擠奶。 謝謝您月婆Alice.

Ming Lan
May 2019

Nanny was quite proactive and diligent in taking care of baby and mother. She gave good advice and has bonded well with our son. We would be happy to recommend her.

Apr 2019

Auntie Cailian is a helpful and patient nanny. She has taken good care of the mummy and baby.

Jun 2019

We were blessed with a wonderful confinement nanny, Mdm Chin Ha Moi. She is proactive and takes great care of my baby so that I could recuperate and rest after giving birth. Everyday, she ensures that my herbal bath is prepared and my red date longan tea is topped up. Aunty Chin is also a great cook and ensures that my husband and I are well fed with delicious and nutritious meals and soups. Knowing that we are particular about eating healthy, aunty goes above and beyond to ensure each dish is cooked in a healthy manner. She keeps my home neat and tidy and is very hygienic. Also, Aunty loves our baby very much and is always patient and loving and gives me valuable life advice and encouragement as a first time mother. She is meticulous in everything that she does and takes great pride in her work. I would highly recommend her as she is reliable, trustworthy and diligent. It has been a great experience for our family and we will miss aunty very much!

May 2019

I highly recommend Aunty Esther for her excellent skills as a confinement nanny. She knows
both traditional methods as well as modern thinking around newborn care. She took excellent
care of my baby and me and it made the whole experience enjoyable. She takes initiative to
ensure both baby and me are as comfortable as possible and is always well organized and
thinks ahead. I didn’t have to ask, she always anticipates the needs of me and my baby and I
love her for that. She has a kind heart and is such a loving person. As a bonus she speaks
excellent English, plus Mandarin and Japanese! We will miss her always.
Nanny Esther trained our baby very well, our baby has good daily schedule already and she sleep by herself. Sleep well at night. Now she is very easy to take care. Thank you very much!

Mei Diener
Mar - May 2019

Pei Feng has been great and very helpful for Julien. I would highly recommend her to all new mothers

May 2019

I'd like to rate 5/5 for Alice's service.
She is skilled, knowledgeable, caring, encouraging, sensitive to our needs, flexible and hardworking.
I will recommend your service as well as Alice to my family and friends.
Thank you for journeying with us.

May 2019

Nanny is very helpful and gentle in nature, she has lots of initiatives and always ensures that I get sufficient rest and helps to take care of baby as much as possible. We are grateful for her help during the confinement period, and she’s a great teacher in training my helper too!

Apr 2019

We are relieved to have the helper and she has great experience in taking care of my baby.
Helper took responsibility in taking care of baby in the night and my wife is able to rest well during the confinement period.
Helper is hygiene and keep the place clean and tidy. Most importantly she clean up and mop the kitchen after each cooking.
Thanks for the arrangement.
She is a great help.

Apr 2019

Thursday is Pei Feng’s last day with us and I really appreciate you allocated her to us! First time mother without parents help here, so it was huge relief for me to have like her for the first month. She is really patient and very gentle with our baby, and I’m sure I wasn’t able to take care of myself better without her. My baby was hospitalised because of jaundice in the first week, and she was really kind enough to pack a meal for me to eat at the hospital. I will definitely miss her when she leaves our place.

Apr 2019

I am blessed to have Meijiao Jie as my confinement nanny. As I delivered my baby at an early date, I needed an experienced nanny who could care for preemies urgently. Meijiao Jie was indeed an angel sent by God. She is not only experienced in taking care of preemies, she could cook delicious confinement food too. She is well-liked by my whole family as she is easy-going, responsible and caring. Through the interactions Meijiao Jie had with my baby and elder child, I could tell that she likes children very much. I am very pleased that confinementnanny had assigned her to care for me and my baby. Thank you.

Apr 2019

Thanks to Boss Jo for helping us to source for a good and reliable confinement nanny.
Nanny Ah Ping has taken good care of both myself and my baby, allowing me to rest well during the confinement period. She has planned her time well to suit the feeding demands of my baby. I love the nourishing meals and tonic soups that she prepared for my recuperation. Her dishes are not only delicious and well portioned too!
Within days of her arrival, Nanny Ah Ping bonded well with the baby’s needs & wants. We saw and felt her efforts to foster bonds with my wakeful baby and this is evident when my baby responds comfortably and at ease to her voice and cuddles. She has never complained of tiredness despite many sleepless nights in caring for the baby.
In addition, Nanny Ah Ping also spends time to ease my entire family members to her presence in the house. All my remaining 5 children were very comfortable with her and also enjoy drinking her soups.
To conclude, Nanny Ah Ping is a very responsible, selfless and knowledgeable nanny! She is definitely a great nanny to have when mummies need a good rest while having happy babies!

Jun (Repeat Mommy)
Apr 2019

ConfinementNanny.com was quick to respond to our queries and it was a breeze to engage a nanny. Thanks to Jo. Well Done

Apr 2019