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Thanks to Aunty Yu Yun, I had a good confinement. Being a C-Sec mummy of twins, I greatly appreciate her help. She is very organised to care for my babies and cooks well for me. She is also pro-breastfeeding, encouraging me to latch and pump for my babies. She is clearly experienced and confident in handling twins, which is certainly no mean feat. Thank you Aunty Yu Yun!

Mar 2021

Nanny Jin Hao has been a big help to our family since the arrival of our little one. She is very experienced in looking after infants and puts my child at ease very quickly. She keeps things neat and orderly at all times, as well as maintain a high standard of hygiene for the baby. She takes very good care of my wife during the confinement, making sure she eats well balanced nutritious meals and rests enough. Nanny Jin Hao is also a great cook, and whips out delicious meals for us daily. Nanny Jin Hao is one dedicated nanny who keeps the family and household in good order, and she always makes sure things are under control. She is also very friendly and sociable. It has been a very pleasant experience having nanny Jin Hao with us.

Mr Oh
Mar 2021

A fantastic experience right from the start. Josephine was very responsive to our enquiries and communication was clear and transparent. She took the extra step to make a house visit just so expectations are set. Our little wonder arrived early and she did her best to match us with an english speaking nanny.
Aunty Jenny exceeded expectations. We could tell she went the extra mile in her duties as she was very passionate in what she does. She looked after our baby with so much care and concern we missed her when her 28 days assignment came to an end. She cooks extremely well by the way, and she leaves the kitchen spotlessly clean after each session. She not only made sure we were well fed, but also had the time to eat, and volunteered to care for our baby so that we would have undisturbed meals. Overall, we would highly recommend Josian services and Aunty Jenny most definately. Thanks again for everything!

Mommy A
Feb 2021

Thanks to Agent Confinementnanny's help, we were able to find a confinement lady during the Pandemic + CNY period which was really a lifesaver to us. Aunty Kwan is very experienced in taking care of our baby and gave us a lot of advices along the way. She manages her time well in fitting the necessary tasks which gave me a lot of time to rest and recover. Not forgetting that the soup and desserts she prepares was great and delicious.

Feb 2021

Thankfully to have Nanny Alice help to take care my baby girl. As a first time parent we know nothing with our baby why she crying for. Nanny Alice guided us patiently and practically from day one. She love and take great care to my baby. We will definitely recommend her to our friend and family 👍

Feb 2021

We got Auntie Jenny for confinement. She loves children and is very willing to share her experiences and knowledge.

Wayne Lee
Jan 2021

Had Auntie Kim How for my newborn.
Auntie Kim How is very thoughtful & attentive to both mummy’s and baby’s need. She is responsible and will remind to make sure mummy showers & eat on time.
Auntie Kim How cooks yummy confinement food too! Feeling so pampered with 5 star confinement dishes which I look forward every day. She will constantly ask for feedback to ensure the confinement food suit my taste buds.
For handling of babies, Auntie Kim How is a pro and I totally hands off and leave my new born in her good hands. I am glad to have good night sleep during my confinement period.
Auntie Kim How treats the mummies like her own daughter. The extra miles she did only demonstrate her passion she had for her profession. We are glad to have her.

Jan 2021

I would highly recommend Auntie Alice to any confinement mums as she is:
1. Meticulous is performing her daily routine tasks such as sterilising milk bottles and bathing baby.
2. She has a good time management.
3. Able to meet the needs of my newborn baby. Example when to feed and how much to give.
4. She is knowledgeable in nursing confinement mums. For example dealing with breast engorgement
5. A Great cook! She is able to whip up palatable confinement meals to suit my appetite.
6. Friendly disposition. She is able to get along well with the members of my family during her stay.
Overall rating: 5/5
I’m going to miss her loads.
Thank you Auntie Alice!

Jan 2021

Aunty Jin Hao took great care me and my baby to ensure we are well-fed, well rested and taken care of during the confinement period. She actually kept our place very clean and tidy despite all the cooking
She is passionate about sharing her cooking recipe, techniques and methods of taking care of the baby which can be quite useful at times.
Overall Aunty Jin Hao was a great help to us during this period.

Sor JJ
Dec 2020

Thank you for introducing us great auntie Shirley. She was very professional with newborn baby.
She knows everything how should we take care of newborn baby. We learned a lot from her and we were able to absorb her knowledge. She entertained my older daughter and husband as well even though she’s busy at other main jobs.
We loved her personality as well, she’s very honest, positive and we can tell she like to help people.
Thanks to my friend of mine who introduced us Josephine and auntie Shirley.
We would love to see auntie again!

Dec 2020

Aunty Jin Hao has been a great help to us during my confinement. She is a dedicated, meticulous and professional nanny. Meals are served on time, hot and piping, our house - especially kitchen, yard and toilets are always kept clean and what’s most appreciated by us is that aunty is very experienced with jaundice babies. She taught us how to feed baby well to ensure he is hydrated and receiving enough milk.
She takes very good care of baby at night and we never had to worry about leaving baby in her care. Being a professional nanny, she also helped transited our baby to staying awake in the day and sleeping longer at night and this was very helpful for us in transiting baby to sleeping through the night.
Aunty Jin Hao is also very understanding and caring toward baby, as well as everyone in the household. She volunteered to teach our helper on household chores and cooking, she cooked for additional family members and prepared frozen sauces for our future meals even though these were out of her scope. We are thankful for her initiatives. Her dishes are well received by everyone in the family, they are very delicious and nutritious - it is something we miss very much after she left.
Overall, Aunty Jin Hao is like a family member to us - Someone who can be well trusted with!

Pamela Fong
Dec 2020

Many thanks to Fen Jie for taking care of us. She is very experienced and caring. She always know what the baby needs and the various ways to soothe the baby.
Conversation with her is always informative. She share with me her knowledge and expertise on baby cues, care and how to differentiate baby cry, plus the do and don't for traditional confinement.
She has good time management and cooks a variety of healthy and nutritious food to make sure I have a healthy balanced diet to boost my milk supply. She even takes the initiative to prepare the herbs pack and food for me before her last day.
All in all, we thank her for her care, passion and dedication to my baby and family. We will miss her dearly! 😭

Ms Lee
Nov 2020

Nanny Yu Yun is pro-breastfeeding . She also does not use much phone when caring for the baby and will only do when she is free. Not only that, i am thankful that she loves cleanliness and that she will vacuum and mop the floor every day, leaving it spick and span.

Nicole Lim
Nov 2020

First of all, we would like to thank Jo for getting a confinement nanny for us, especially during this unprecedented time. When I contacted Jo, I was very surprised that she is able to get us a confinement nanny while all other agencies rejected us. As most of confinement nannies are speaking only Mandarin, I shared with Jo that Mandarin is not my strength. So when Jo got us Nanny Esther, I know right away I made the right decision as Nanny Esther speaks fluent English. Throughout the 28days confinement experience, Nanny Esther never failed us a single time. She did an extra mile to massage my breasts at dawn time to get the colostrum for baby. She has also been encouraging me to pump and breast feed baby although my breast milk supply is very low. Nanny Esther is very experienced and taught us many things in taking care the precious little one. With her around, I was able to recuperate well and baby is happy and taken care well too... Thank you Nanny Esther, will meet you again hopefully soon for our second baby!

Nov 2020

Nanny mei jiao was a great help to our family. She is capable and very efficient in her work, and is also accommodating and ensures that mummy and baby needs are always well taken care of. She is also very loving towards the baby, and will take the initiative to talk and sing to him. I am able to rest well knowing that he is in good hands. On top of that, she is also very caring to my first child, from entertaining his toddler questions to cooking yummy nutritious meals that he enjoy. It is a blessing to have her around.

Ang Waye Ning (Repeat Mommy)
Oct 2020