Every baby is precious, and parents-to-be would anxiously await the arrival of their little bundle of joy.

There will be so many questions running in your mind…..

  1. Will my delivery be fast?
  2. Is my delivery going to be natural or going through c-section birth?
  3. What will be my symptoms for labour? Contraction? Water bag burst? Bleeding?
  4. Am I able to breastfeed my baby well?
  5. Will I be able to get along with my confinement nanny during my confinement period?

While there would be more questions than the above, most of them is not controllable. However, there is one that we can try to control is on the confinement nanny.

To engage a confinement nanny is simple. Just make a few phone calls, find out more information on nanny’s services and pay a deposit to confirm the service.

The basic duties of a confinement nanny includes :

  1. cooking confinement food for the new mother;
  2. baby care day and night (which includes night feeding );
  3. cleaning / tidying up the kitchen after every cooking;
  4. washing of mother and baby’s clothing (either hand wash or machine wash);
  5. if there is a need, confinement nanny can also cook for new father and other family members;
  6. help with light household chores (sweeping and mopping of floor).

Unhappiness occurs when there is a miscommunication between new mother and the confinement nanny. You must understand that all of us are brought up differently, needless to say putting two strangers together for the next 28 days.

To have a more enjoyable time with your confinement nanny, it is important to communicate or express your thoughts and expectations to your confinement nanny. This also facilitates the nanny’s understanding on the needs of the household and adapts quickly.

Being able to understand that a confinement nanny is also a profession, mainly employed to take care of new mother and baby’s needs, which is very different from the scope of work of a foreign domestic worker (mainly household chores).

Taking care of new mother and baby is not an easy task as sometimes baby can be quite demanding, especially the ones who constantly requires carrying and pacifying.

Confinement nannies would also like to work in a easy going family, being able to communicate with family members will make the 28 days of work an enjoyable one.

Hope you have enjoyed the tips.

Happy Mommy, Happy Baby!