What is a Confinement Nanny?

A Confinement Nanny is a compassionate care-giver who is available on either a day 9am-6pm basis or a live-in basis. She is there to care for the new baby and the new Mom so that the first 28 days of Parenthood will go as smoothly and successfully as possible.

Extreme Changes

From the day a woman conceives her child, nothing will be the same again! Her hormones are fluctuating tremendously to provide life to the baby growing inside. Extreme physical changes incur due to the growing child. Commonly, emotional and psychological changes occur during this magical time as well.

Post-Natal Care

Once the new baby arrives, parents often find themselves exhausted and worried that they are not doing things “right.” The Confinement Nanny is there to guide every step of the way. She ensures that the Mother takes adequate rest during this time. It is said that if she does not take care of herself, a variety of ailments will take hold and lie dormant within her body and not surfacing until middle age or possibly later in life. Chinese society has respected these truths for generations.

Confinement Nanny Duties

Special confinement meals are prepared for the new mother to help her absorb many essential nutrients that have been allocated to the baby during pregnancy and to help recuperate her body after childbirth. Some of the key ingredients used include: sesame oil, wolf-berries, ginger, red dates and Chinese rice wine cooked with pork, chicken, fish or vegetables.

In previous times, Mother-In-Laws or mothers commonly took care of the baby and the new Mother during this time. However, with the modernisation of society and changes in family nucleus, this is an ideal instance where hiring an experienced Confinement Nanny can help ease stress and promote a calm and rested atmosphere.

The Nanny may help with the night time feedings (if babies are bottle fed) so that the Mother can sleep. Breastfeeding Moms require lots of rest to ensure adequate milk production. Having help with feeding and bathing the baby is priceless. She will also be happy to do light housework duties 2 times a week if no help is available.

Meals can be prepared for Daddy and extra family members for an additional fee. Mother and baby’s laundry will be taken care of by the confinement nannies. Herbal baths will also be prepared for the Mom. The Confinement Nanny will help with shopping of cooking ingredients if necessary.

The goal is to help you take care of yourself the first month after giving birth so that you can have the best start to Motherhood. By having some help while you recuperate, your body will have more rest and energy; helping you return to your pre-pregnancy state much sooner.

Becoming a parent can be a daunting experience. Regardless if it is your first baby or your third, the Confinement Nanny is a wonderful option to help you and your new family stay rested while establishing a routine that works best for you. Visit ConfinementNanny.com for more information.