After completion of every assignment,  we always ask parents to give us feedback on our nanny in areas of cooking and babycare so that we can improve ourselves better.

We are honoured to have received many positive reviews as a confinement nanny agency.

These are important to us and have motivated us to continue to provide good confinement care services to our customers like you!


In terms of confinement duties, she is very knowledgeable and can advise us on the many different questions and challenges we have as first time parents. Not pertaining only to just the infant stage of the first few months, but beyond that.

She is also very conscientious and meticulous with her chores, and most importantly prioritizes the care of our baby. Often having the baby's well being in mind, before her own. She also provides a bounty of tips and advice to us as new parents, which is very beneficial for us in the future.

Aunty Esther is very observant and intuitive, often adjusting her daily patterns to suit the habits of people in the household, and helps supplement and support to make our lifestyle easier while caring for the baby. Safe to say she does it out of goodwill and should not be taken for granted of.
Similarly she is also highly adept at sensing the needs of the baby and rendering the right kind of care.

The list could go on, but to finish the icing on the cake, Aunty's cooking is fabulous and on par, or even better compared to many eateries out there. She is also able to whip up a myriad of dishes from different cuisines for your tastebuds, but keeping to the reasonable restraints of confinement food, and effort to do them.

Overall, Aunty Esther is highly recommended. This is our sincere and honestly opinion.

Jonathan, Joanne and baby Ian
Oct 2020

I cannot sing enough praises for Nanny Ah Kuan.
She came highly recommended by a friend who had hired her for four months, so at the height of covid, choosing her, and having a 2 storey house with stairs - employing her came at a huge premium, but she was worth every cent and more.
Her cooking is simple and home-cooked, but every meal was delicious, nutrient dense, fresh and healthy. This time around with my second pregnancy, with Nanny Ah Kuan around, I actually felt like I did a proper confinement, as every day she served me two nutritious soups, whether they were to strengthen my body, or to encourage my milk. Any time we strayed from traditions that she thought were necessary to adhere to, she gently nudged us in the right direction without being naggy or overbearing.
She was great with the baby and took such good care of him, that I managed to rest and recuperate from my c-section.
Aunty also got along really well with my helper, and assisted us with our older boy (2.5yo) who took such a liking to her, that even now, close to two weeks after she's left, he still misses her dearly.
I genuinely felt like I was truly taken care of with her around and Nanny Ah Kuan was loved by everyone, that in the short few weeks she was here, it felt like she became part of our family! We all cried tons when she had to leave!

Sep 2020

Nanny Esther was my confinement nanny for 2 months in 2020. She is incredible and I strongly recommend her. As a new father of twin babies during the Covid 19 period, it was unexpectedly challenging. Nanny Esther made my life much better. Without her support and guidance, I would have had it much tougher in my first 2 months as a father with no domestic helper and the lockdown. She was one of the greatest contributors to reducing the stress of my family during the first few weeks of childbirth.
Nanny Esther was very responsible and professional. Because of the Covid 19 situation, I had difficulty in getting a domestic helper. Nanny Esther single-handedly took care of my 2 babies and my wife. Allowing me to go back to work. Nanny Esther was committed and dedicated. She treated my children as her own. She gave them the highest level of care and concern that you can expect.
She was very patient in teaching me how to take care of my babies, she answered my queries and gave me constructive feedback on how to care for my children. Nanny Esther also took feedback well and supported us with the multiple family visits and celebration of the baby full moon.
Nanny Esther took care of my children and my wife. She would boil the confinement herbs, cooked very delicious food and made sure that my babies were fed and healthy. She preempted us on potential concerns and suggested solutions on how to address them. Additionally she also taught our new helper how to take care of our babies and advised us on what to look out for when hiring a domestic helper for babies.
I strongly recommend her to any new parents as she will make your lives much better. She allows both parents to gradually get used to their new roles, addressing many of the fears, stress and uncertainty that comes with being new parents.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries about her.

Rong Yao Chan
Aug – Sep 2020

Auntie Alice is very easy going. She is very accommodating and cope with whatever available/provided with no complains. With her personality, she fits into our family seamlessly. Our toddler who was initially nervous with her grew to like her very soon after.
She is very patient with babies and I seemingly trust her (more than myself) to take good care care of newborn.
I would have asked for her as confinement nanny if I ever have another newborn again.

Aug 2020

We were very apprehensive about hiring a nanny because of the many horror stories we had heard. But hiring Nanny Kwan turned out to be the best decision we’d made in our journey as new parents. She made sure to understand our needs and preferences from day one, and was always encouraging and supportive, never critical or dismissive. She was always patient and gentle with baby and was able to calm him easily. Nanny Kwan somehow found time everyday to make us delicious meals and snacks, ensuring that both daddy and mummy were fed really well. She made effort to prepare milk-boosting foods for mummy, and all of daddy’s favourite dishes. Thank you Nanny Kwan for taking such good care of our entire little family! We will miss her dearly.

Apr – Aug 2020

Our family have been very lucky to have Auntie Meijiao to help us through this first 28 days.
She was really empathetic and strong, and helped me tremendously, as I had a rough first couple of weeks home. She never once pressured me to do anything I didn’t want to, but encouraged me to think positive and be strong for the baby. At the same time, she really took over caring for the baby and myself until I got better after.
She did everything from baby care, to cooking all meals, and cleaning, washing baby’s clothes, and then taking care of baby more into the nights! It was amazing and inspirational how she managed everything so steadily. She really cared well for our baby, and ‘sayang’ her a lot, which was heartwarming.
More importantly, she taught husband, my older daughter. and myself a lot of do’s and don’t, yes and no, tips and tricks, and made sure that we have a good rhythm and routine set up so that we can manage baby better when she leaves. She taught us all well.
Oh and her energy is amazing, seeing her sprint up and down countless times on the stairs with a bottle, as baby tends to be impatient with her milk.
I would highly recommend Aunty MeiJiao if anyone asks. She really helped the family during this period, and is a pleasant companion to have. My husband and daughter agrees too.

Adaline Lee
Jun 2020

We were very happy to have Irene with us.  She is fantastic cook and has a clear hand with babies.  Once we get clarity on each other routines we felt totally at ease.  We surely would repeat and recommend!

Helene Richard
Dec 2019

Aunty Alice has been a fantastic help to my baby & I and we highly recommend her as a confinement nanny to all new mothers. She is very knowledgeable about taking care of a baby and very willing to share what she knows with us. The advice she has provided on all matters relating to take care of the baby and I have proven to be tremendously helpful & useful in so many ways. She is a great cook and capable of preparing very tasty confinement & home-cooked food for us.

Aunty Alice gets along well with my husband and everyone in our families with her easy-going and flexible personality. Her ability to understand what the baby & I need and ensure that we are well taken care of has made her invaluable to us. It has been such a life-changing experience for us and we have been very fortunate to have her with us every step of the way.

Eliza Lim
Nov 2019 – Feb 2020

We were assigned with nanny Bee Kiaw for 28 days. She is very experience and helpful. She is very patient and is able to care for baby all through the night while mummy and daddy gets a good night rest. We are pleased and grateful to have her and wished we had booked her longer.

Irene Siong
Oct 2019

I would like to rate 5/5 for Alice's service. She is skilled in handling baby, flexible, hardworking and also able to get along well with my families. I will recommend you and Alice to my friends and families. Thank you very much.

Sep 2019

She takes care of me, sometimes like my mother would, such as ensuring I have my meals on time, adequate rest, etc, which was comforting since my own mother is not around.
She is very experienced, having worked for 10 years as a confinement nanny in many households, so offers expert knowledge and useful advice.
God answered our prayers for a very good confinement nanny. Don't know what I would have done without her. She was truly a Godsend.
Ah Li also doubled up as effective housekeeper, Marie Kondo agent, seamstress, counsellor + confidante.
Ah Li, thank you for your presence with us, the early morning watches, herbal baths, and the yummy soups!

Clarence & Edwina
Aug 2019

Dear Josephine,

First of all,we would like to extend our special thanks to you for arranging such a wonderful confinement nanny Amy Chong and our experience with her have been very pleasant and very positive so far.
In fact,we are so pleased with her performance that we would like to compliment her excellent working attitude and her professionalism.
Being 1st timer parents we have almost zero or limited knowledge in handling newborns or babies but fortunately Nanny Amy have been of great help to us right from the 1st day she arrived.
She is very experienced in taking care of newborns and is also very patient and takes care of my baby as though it was hers. She is also very friendly and also willing to share tips and critical knowledge about handling and taking care of newborns.
Not only she is competent in handling babies she is also a great cook who can come up with nice dishes not only for my wife and also for me.
So far her cooking has not disappointed us,especially me as I am well known to be picky and fussy about food.
She is also very proactive in doing household chores and always does them with due dilligence and so far we had no complains about her.
Last but not least,we feel abit sad that she is leaving us as the contract is coming to an end soon but we wish her all the best in all her future endeavours !

Mrs and Mr Anthony Toh
Aug 2019

Mei Wah is an excellent nanny, I was lucky to have her. Because I am Japanese, I wanted someone who had flexible mind on confinement custom and accepted my requests. Mei Wah is disciplined, she woke up and took good care of our son and me at midnight feedings without fail.
Lastly, I have to say she cooks amazingly well! All her dishes were beautifully plated and tasted great.
If I will have second baby, I would definitely like to have her again. Thank you Mei Wah!

Aug 2019

Auntie Alice is very patient towards my little one. She will always try her best to calm him down.
She will ensure that my little one stop and burp in between feed before continuing the rest of it.
She's also flexible and receptive towards suggestions and gets along well with my family.
It will be better if Auntie Alice can take a bit more initiative and not to be too task oriented.
Overall she's a good confinement nanny and definitely helpful to have her with us. 🙂

Xin Ye
July 2019

Jo managed to find us a nanny at the last minute when our first direct hire nanny did not turn up. Nanny Pei Feng was a big help to us new parents of twins. She was attentive to the needs of the babies and was gentle with them. She managed to take care of twins at night by herself which allowed the family much needed rest. Thank you

July 2019