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We are very happy with our baby’s nanny. She is competent in taking care of our baby, she makes sure mother eat well and rest well. Very organize nanny, strongly recommend for expectant mom.

Murina Chong
Feb 11

Service provided by agent is good and prompt. Agent showed responsibility and timely responsiveness to requests. Nanny has been a great help and a great cook. Nanny can be recommended to others. Good job!

Amelia Toh
Jan 11

Nanny has been very helpful during my confinement period. She is patient and caring towards my baby. She is diligent in carrying out the household chores and a very fast worker. Will highly recommend!

Angela Tan
Nov 10

Nanny is very jovial and modest person. Unlike some nannies who are proud and command some form of respect from people, she is very friendly and accommodating. She is not selfish in sharing her knowledge on cooking. She is also very caring as she would suggest making different kind of tonic soups for me. I am very happy with her service and will recommend to my friends.

Alice Tan
Nov 10

Nanny has a lot of initiative and is also hygienic and tidy. She helped to tidy up my kitchen on her 1st day of arrival and also took the initiative to go to the supermarket on her own without anyone bringing her as my husband was not around. Her cooking was good & she recommended me to take ginseng soup as it helps to give more energy & strength. It has helped me survive my sleepless nights and I really appreciate her being so responsible. Nanny is easy to get along with and she could even cook some western meals like meatballs / porkchop. I’ll surely recommend her to my friends and will miss having her around.

Mrs Elena Giam
Sep 10

Nanny takes very good care of our baby Kayla and interacts well with the family. We will recommend her and to our friends.

Pearlyn Wong
Jul 10

I’m glad that I have engaged a confinement nanny for my confinement. Nanny is good and has lots of experience. She has shared a lot of thing with me regarding looking after baby. I’m glad and would recommend my friend. Thank you.

Evelyn Moh
Jun 10

I was very apprehensive initially having to find a new nanny last minute but I am now glad I went through this agency for a confinement nanny. The nanny they appointed to me was caring, hardworking and took good care of the baby and mother. She was also knowledgeable and pro-breastfeeding. I would strongly recommend to my friends.

Mrs Dawn Kwek
Mar 10

Josian Services was prompt and professional on all areas. The nanny assigned to our family, became a part of our family! Would recommend to anyone.

Mrs Kelly Rao
Jan 10 has provided me a marvelous service. The nanny assigned is experience and open. She is very helpful and provided extra housekeeping service for me. Jo is a sincere lady which prompted me to engage her service. I would recommend service to my friends.

Charis Lim
Nov 09

Nanny is an excellent help to me during my stressful confinement month. She is very competent in baby and mother care and her friendly nature helps her get along with all my relatives and family members. Highly recommend her to anyone looking for a nanny.

Mrs Loh Siew Wei
Jul 09

She is a very caring nanny. Will recommend my friends.

Mrs Vanessa Poh
Apr 09

Excellence baby handling and would definitely recommend to friends as we had previously had been mishandled before. Thank you as I am able to be at ease and peace of mind during my confinement.

Mrs Helana Soh
Jan 09