We have more than hundred testimonials received in our years of service and all are listed below. It will  take a while to go through all of them!

Thank you Josian Services for the awesome confinement experience! From assigning the nanny to managing our expectations, everything is done thoroughly and professionally. Auntie Alice is an experienced nanny who takes very good care of me and baby. With her help, I can fully rest and recuperate knowing that baby is in good hands.

Jul 2021

Aunty 玉芸 is highly skilled with more than ten years of experience. She always put me and baby in the first place and takes good care of baby at night so that I can have a good rest (baby is bottled feeded as I would like to have control on the volume). Agent is professional and clearly communicated the package including duties and responsibilities of nanny before and in the day of nanny's arrival. I have also topped up for post natal massage from the agent which seems to be helpful in further boosting milk supply.

Bai Lin
Jul 2021

Nanny is good and caring towards baby and me. She has initiative and plans when baby is not feeling well, needing hospitalisation, which is a great help to us. Company us also accommodating, to assign a nanny few weeks before my EDD, due to birth induce

Jun 2021

We would like to say big thank you to aunty kim how for her help throughout these 28 days of confinement. She takes good care of our baby , cooks delicious food for the whole family and help us out with housework. She is patience, caring and possesses a very positive attitude. She is also very experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to newborn related matters We will definitely miss her. Thanks Aunty Kim How

Jun 2021

Grateful to have engage the service of confinement nanny agency. Josephine was the person who liase with me and was very detailed in listening to my expectation of a nanny. I find engaging their nanny service a breeze becos Jo would guide me through the hiring process which was easy and fuss free. Thereafter they sent me aunty xiao lan who has excellent cooking skills. She never failed to impress me with her meals, my family enjoyed all her cooking. Even my daughter who's very picky with food enjoyed meals prepared by aunty.
She takes good care of my well being, making sure that I have all the nourishing soup and red date tea. She is also very pro breastfeeding, as my baby is fully breastfeed, she makes sure she brings baby to me every 2 or 3hrs at night without fail. This has allowed me to sleep well during the short interval. We are thankful to have aunty xiaolan to help us out during my confinement! Thank u once again Josephine and aunty xiao lan!

Jun 2021

Nanny Jenny is very experienced with a new born baby. Having her greatly lessen the burden of me in terms of workload and allow me to focus on the caring of my 2 elder children with the attention they very much need. Thank you for the support of Josian Services

Apr 2021 – Aug 2021

Taking care of kid - she is able to take care of Zephyr with no issues. So far no problem with that.
Cooking - there’s limited recipes. More like we need to request for some food that we like to have then she will cook. Taste wise is acceptable.
Housework - generally acceptable.

Edwin & Weiwei
May 2021

To whom it may concern
I am writing to recommend Nanny LIM How Kim, looked after my baby for last 28 days
and performed diligently through out her tenure
She is motivated as much as she could and performed very well. we mostly liked it she
was friendly towards our children, and always good tempered. As an individual who
understands her limitation as a Nanny and she never disturbed our privacy.
Ms Lim Kim how has a number of strengths but her main strength, keep children smile
and genuinely interested in mother and infant health and informed us, if she thinks not
ok and captured their attentions
Further she is reliable and possess all qualities that makes Nanny successful
Particularly She is very skilled in following
• Supervising new-born baby and caring the needs.
• Planning, preparing, and serving meals to mother and baby
• Bathing, dressing, and feeding infant
• Preparing formula and changing diapers
• Performing light housekeeping duties
Once again, I would recommend her for Nanny position in case if any queries regarding
her abilities, pls feel free to contact me.

Kamal Kumar
May 2021

I would like to thanks my confinment nanny for taking care of my newborn baby, my family and me during the past 28 days.
She take a good care to my baby. She bath her every morning and feed her formula milk every 1.5 to 2 hours. She will change her diaper every time after feeding to make sure no redness on her buttock. I seldom hear my baby cry at midnight and this make my family can sleep well at night.
Every morning she will prepare red date tea for me and cook delicious meals for us. Once again, thanks my confinment nanny.

Wei Shin
May 2021

Is a blessing to have Nanny Kim How for confinement. She is very experienced in taking care my baby and me. She is also an excellent chef that we look forward to meals everyday. She even take the effort to prepare frozen meals so that I can continue to enjoy nice and nutrition meals after she left. Thank You Auntie Kim How!

Hui Jing
Apr 2021

Auntie Alice is very caring, professional and very experienced in taking care of our baby. We are so grateful.

Apr 2021

The quality of nanny is excellent. The post natal massage was good too.

Mrs Terashita
Apr 2021

I would definitely recommend her to all my friends. She cooks great food and also works hard. She’s very attentive to my baby and will play and sing to my baby. Even when she’s busy cooking or doing things, once the baby cries she’ll put everything down and attend to my baby.

My baby sleeps with her in the night time however she doesn't wake up late despite the midnight feed. She would wake up at 5am, to prepare red dates tea so that I can have something to drink for my first feed. She will mop the floor daily after she finishes the morning duties. She alway put me first wanting to let me rest well🥰 I am so blessed to be able to sleep and well despite having a newborn.

She has a big heart to love everyone in my family. She is like a mother to me. Taking care of me and my whole family. I have an older son who loves her too. She even helps to boil pear soup when she knows he is coughing. All these little things that she does really warm my heart. I am so blessed to meet her. Thank God for her. Will definitely miss her alot. All the best to Auntie Yvonne and good health ❤
Thank you so much 😊


她总是想让我好好休息,尽管我有刚刚出生的小宝宝,但我仍然能够睡个好觉,我真是太幸运了。 她有一颗很大的心去爱我家里的每个人。她就像我的母亲一样。照顾好我和我的整个家庭。我有一个大儿子也喜欢她。当她知道他在咳嗽时,她甚至帮助煮梨汤。她所做的所有这些小事,真的让我感到欣慰。我很高兴遇见到她。感谢上帝。我们一定会非常想念她的。 希望她一切顺利,身体健康 ❤

Mar 2021

I’ve used ConfinementNanny.com twice for my boys and both times they have sent nannies that have been an incredible help to us in the first month. I would highly recommend this service for any expectant mums!

Mar 2021

Nanny Esther is very responsible, she has treat all of us including my 3 year old son as her own family. Her presence in the house during my post partum has made everything here easier. Also, she gave me all support I needed for breastfeeding even when I decided to stop, she supported me emotionally. Always making sure baby is happy. Her cooking is amazing, out of this world. She is very clean with baby, she has high levels of hygiene herself. Also very discipline with baby routine of sleep. She took care of my 2 babies and both have good night of sleep till today. I am so thankful to have her, feels blessed to share this important time with her.

Mar 2021 – July 2021