We have more than hundred testimonials received in our years of service and all are listed below. It will  take a while to go through all of them!

We are very satisfied with the service of Auntie Meijiao. She cared for our baby meticulously, ensuring his needs are met day and night. She taught my wife and me, first time parents, how to carry, feed, burp, and shower our little boy, helping us avoid potential mistakes. With her help, we breezed through our first month, as if it was a “honeymoon” to parenting. Auntie Meijiao also makes exceptionally good 猪脚醋 and fried pork belly, so much so we requested her to cook the dishes multiple times. Overall, we are glad to have her for our confinement and hope to have her for our next kid too.

Yang Yang
Oct 2021

Auntie Jenny was a huge help to us. Being first-time parents, we were very inexperienced but she patiently shared with us her years of experience & tips. She really understands babies & thanks to her we learned how to interpret our baby’s cries, bottle feed, bathe, change diapers, etc. She has a pleasant disposition too and we will miss having her around!

Oct 2021

Alice has been a wonderful and great help to me. She’s very prompt in taking care of the baby and me. I will definitely recommend her service to my friends. Thumbs up.

Oct 2021

Aunty Meijiao is very experienced taking care of baby and mummy. She has a pleasant personality and is a great companion for new mommy. She is a great help to our family, able to follow our instructions, meet our needs, and taught us how to care for our baby.

Sep 2021

We are grateful to have Aunty Gek Hoon as our confinement nanny. As this is our first baby, there are a lot of things we do not know and not sure of. She is a very experienced nanny, a great cook and very caring person. She always keeps the well-being of the mother and the baby in mind and treat us as her own family. I manage to breastfeed my baby successfully as a first-time mother with her advice and this help me to build up the confidence in breastfeeding my baby. Thank you Aunty Gek Hoon and wish you all the best We will miss you

Chern Fei
Sep 2021

As a first time mummy, I am very glad to have Auntie Alice as my confinement nanny. She has many years of experience and a genuine love for babies. She took great amount of load off our shoulders by taking care of the baby’s needs promptly, especially at night. She was also able to advise and teach us on how to care for the baby. For my next confinement, I would definitely engage her back again!

Sept 2021

Xiao Lan was at first supposed to be with us temporarily and only for a week. But within 2 days, I knew she was the one for our family so we asked her to stay on. She was doting to our newborn and ever-alert to ensure her well being through the day and night. Took great care of mummy as well, no request went unanswered. Not only is Xiao Lan a superb cook she is also wonderfully accommodating and got along very well with our Filipina helpers. All of this without Xiao Lan speaking much English – so we all had to communicate in broken Malay. We are very pleased with Xiao Lan and thin any Mummy/Baby will be lucky to have her!

Jenny is a wonderful confinement nanny. Her warmth and sense of grace filled our home. She was ever present and yet always in the background. You can tell that Jenny is a grandmother herself, she warmed to our daughter immediately (and vice versa). We are very pleased with Jenny and thing any Mumu/Baby will be lucky to have her!

Also very grateful to Josephine who has provided us with fourth top-notch confinement nannies over ten years. These are Josephine’s hallmarks – Consistency. Quality. Excellent service, even over and above the call of duty when sometimes unfortunate situations occur and Jo has to remedy them quickly.

Ben B
July – Sep 2021

Aunty Mei Jiao is an awesome nanny with a very pleasant disposition. She interacts and gets along well with us. She is flexible too and works well with us.
We are really comfortable with her and I've no worries leaving my baby with her.
She is competent and experienced in baby care. She shows genuine care and love for baby. She takes such good care of my baby which I really appreciate.
She cooks well too.
We really like her and will miss her.
Highly recommendable.

Aug 2021

This is my second time getting a nanny from Josian and I would say Auntie Yu Yun is an experience and capable nanny. She has strong time management skill and she takes good care of me and baby. Well sometime she could be a bit grumpy when things didn't work well, which we could understand as well, not easy to deal with so many things at the same time. Overall, her performance has exceeded my expectation, and I will rate her 10/10 and would recommend her to my friends.

Aug 2021

Mei Jiao has been a great support for us. She has been simply wonderful looking after us all, in particular our little boy.
Lucas really likes her as she knows how to calm him down and console him any time of the day/night.
We are really thankful for her care and will definitely miss her going forward!
I can 100% recommend Mei Jiao to any new parent, she is discreet, knowledgeable, friendly and super patient. In addition, she did all our cooking, helped doing laundry and kept the kitchen clean and tidy every day.
We feel more confident looking after our baby now that she has thaught us how to do so.
Many thanks for all your help Mei Jiao, we will all miss you!

Jul 2021

Thank you Josian Services for the awesome confinement experience! From assigning the nanny to managing our expectations, everything is done thoroughly and professionally. Auntie Alice is an experienced nanny who takes very good care of me and baby. With her help, I can fully rest and recuperate knowing that baby is in good hands.

Jul 2021

Aunty 玉芸 is highly skilled with more than ten years of experience. She always put me and baby in the first place and takes good care of baby at night so that I can have a good rest (baby is bottled feeded as I would like to have control on the volume). Agent is professional and clearly communicated the package including duties and responsibilities of nanny before and in the day of nanny's arrival. I have also topped up for post natal massage from the agent which seems to be helpful in further boosting milk supply.

Bai Lin
Jul 2021

Nanny is good and caring towards baby and me. She has initiative and plans when baby is not feeling well, needing hospitalisation, which is a great help to us. Company us also accommodating, to assign a nanny few weeks before my EDD, due to birth induce

Jun 2021

We would like to say big thank you to aunty kim how for her help throughout these 28 days of confinement. She takes good care of our baby , cooks delicious food for the whole family and help us out with housework. She is patience, caring and possesses a very positive attitude. She is also very experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to newborn related matters We will definitely miss her. Thanks Aunty Kim How

Jun 2021

Grateful to have engage the service of confinement nanny agency. Josephine was the person who liase with me and was very detailed in listening to my expectation of a nanny. I find engaging their nanny service a breeze becos Jo would guide me through the hiring process which was easy and fuss free. Thereafter they sent me aunty xiao lan who has excellent cooking skills. She never failed to impress me with her meals, my family enjoyed all her cooking. Even my daughter who's very picky with food enjoyed meals prepared by aunty.
She takes good care of my well being, making sure that I have all the nourishing soup and red date tea. She is also very pro breastfeeding, as my baby is fully breastfeed, she makes sure she brings baby to me every 2 or 3hrs at night without fail. This has allowed me to sleep well during the short interval. We are thankful to have aunty xiaolan to help us out during my confinement! Thank u once again Josephine and aunty xiao lan!

Jun 2021