We have more than hundred testimonials received in our years of service and all are listed below. It will  take a while to go through all of them!

Auntie Ah Yun is good in her handling with my baby. Ah Yun is attentive to her and we can see that she is very caring. My baby has taken to her. We are happy with her service and appreciate the care she accorded. Ag Yun is also pleasant and helpful. We would not hesistate to recommend her.

Li Qing
Feb 2020

A friend recommended Nanny Alice to us hence we requested for her. Indeed, she turned out to be such a wonderful help and we even extended her services for an extra week! Nanny Alice is one who genuinely cares for baby, is diligent and meticulous in her work. She imparted valuable skills and knowledge to us to help us better care for baby when she is gone. Over the 5 weeks that she has been with us, she has grown to become like a family member - one whom we enjoyed interacting and chatting with. I rate her 5/5 and I will certainly want to engage her services again if I do have a second child!

Feb 2020

Mei Jiao Jie is friendly mandarin speaking nanny. As every nanny will have their own way of doing things and habits, if you have your preferred way of doing things, just let her know and she is willing to do it.
She does things quickly and with confidence. She is very willing to share her experiences and to teach us.

Feb 2020

Time flies! It's only 3days until Shirley leaving.
She is doing well all of things. My oldest son likes her and her meal
My family is going to miss her.

Feb 2020

Hi Jo, thanks for recommending Nanny Yu Quan to me. She has been a great help around the house. I love her cooking and how she meticulously took care of my family. She taught us a lot and impacted so much knowledge that even as a third time mum I find her tips super useful!

Feb 2020

We would like to thank our confinement nanny Mdm CHIN PEI FENG for her service. She had taken good care of both my wife and baby. We also learn some baby caring from her too. I would give 4.5/5 for her service.

Sun Qiang
Jan 2020

Auntie Shally has been a great help to us. She is good at giving advise on baby care esp for us first time parent. Overall, we thank God for her over this confinement period.

Mrs Leong
Jan 2020

Thanks to Ms. Lilian, I can rest very well.
Whenever my baby is crying, she knows what my baby wants and take care very well with love and patient.
Not only I but also my husband and my son enjoy the meal she cooks. So yummy!! She cooks various style of the meal so that I don't get bored with gingers. She maintains the kitchen clean and tidy all the time.
She also takes good care of my son, so he likes her very much. He must be miss you!
I'm really appreciated that she is here as my confinement nanny. I wish she could stay more. I will miss you! Thank you so much!!

Jan 2020

Nanny Meijiao is a diligent nanny, experienced & good with small baby. She is attentive to baby needs, easy going, trustworthy, patient and long suffering.
We will also like to thank Jo for her promptness and finding us such a good nanny in very short notice.

Dec 2019

We are thankful to have auntie, Man Heong as our confinement lady. She is patient , positive and took great care of both my girl and myself. Her cooking is delicious and would accommodate to mummy's liking. She will also share her experiences with mummy on taking care of a newborn.and she is patient to teach both mummy and helper of how to take care of the newborn. I feel safe with my baby under her care.

Dec 2019

Our baby girl loves to cry - she cries when someone changes her diaper, when she’s hungry or when we bathe her. Thankfully, Nanny Pei Fen was able to help us take care of her - I really can’t imagine how we’d have handled without her help! She helps us placate the baby when she cries, burps the baby after feeding, and also takes care of Mummy throughout the day. Now, the whole family can get some well-earned rest during the night. Thank you!

Dec 2019

Nanny Yu Juan has been a great help for us! Being first time parents, there are many things we don’t know. She guided us patiently and practically from day one. We managed to learn a lot from her and we are very thankful for that. It is also evident she loves children and we are glad she took care of our precious newborn well. We didn’t have to worry much during the entire month!

Dec 2019

We were very happy to have Irene with us.  She is fantastic cook and has a clear hand with babies.  Once we get clarity on each other routines we felt totally at ease.  We surely would repeat and recommend!

Helene Richard
Dec 2019

I didn’t have a confinement nanny for my first child and somehow managed to stumble through it, but I knew there were things I could have done better, and needed help in, so for my second, I decided to engage a nanny.
After going through the websites and contacting a few agencies, I decided to go with Josian Services as their response was very prompt, packages clear, and Jo was not pushy at all (as opposed to some others).
Jo patiently answered my questions and came personally to go through what we wanted from the nanny and did the matching for us.
On the day of my discharge from hospital, Jonbrought nanny Esther to our house, on time, and did a thorough hand over before she left.
Nanny Esther has been great to me and my baby. Through her experience and contacts, she found a nipple shield that suited me and baby, which allowed me to continue to breastfeed. She is also very accommodating to my requests, especially when I was still recovering from my operation in the first week.
After figuring out what I liked/did not like for my baby, she pretty much settled everything for him and I could rest and take care of the elder child knowing that the baby was in good hands.
As I never had “proper” confinement food for the first one, I didn’t quite know what to expect in terms of food. But Nanny Esther’s cooking is great! (My husband says it’s like eating in a restaurant every day).
I will miss nanny dearly when she leaves. Thank you Josian Services and nanny Esther for a most enjoyable confinement.

Nov 2019

Auntie Ah Ling is a very friendly and attentive nanny, you can easily communicate with her on any requirements you need. Really appreciate her help to take care of the baby throughout the night.

Yuan Mei (Repeat Mommy)
Nov 2019