We have more than hundred testimonials received in our years of service and all are listed below. It will  take a while to go through all of them!

Dear Jo, Hi, thank you for your professional and efficient services. Cheers.

Ann Tan

Dear Jo, Your nanny cooked well and showed TLC to my newborn. Will definitely recommend your services to my friends/relatives.

Ijiin Yeoh

ConfinementNanny.com and our nanny is a blessing during the confinement period. Everything was smooth sailing with the nanny’s expert help and advice. I strongly recommend ConfinementNanny.com‘s services! 😉

Delphine Ow
Jul 11

Nanny is a very caring and efficient nanny. Will definitely ask for her service again if I have a second child.

Larry Lim
Jul 11

Good job. Thanks for taking care of our baby.

Hu Jing Wen
Jun 11

ConfinementNanny.com is an excellent nanny agency. Jo was very responsive, took the time to understand my requirements and she met my expectations. I had specifically asked for an English-speaking nanny and ConfinementNanny.com was the only agency who was able to deliver. Nanny was a fantastic and experienced, knowledgeable and patient. She took very good care of my baby. She also ensured I rested and ate well so that I could breastfeed and look after my baby. She was very easy to get along with and we were sad to see her go. Highly Recommended.

Jaime Tan
Jun 11

Thank you nanny for taking such good care of me and the baby during this confinement period!

Shannon Heo
Jun 11

We were very happy to have the nanny with us! She helped us a lot to learn how to take care of our first baby! Thank you Auntie! We will miss you.

Dona Louis
May 11

Nanny is able to fulfill her tasks & takes good care of my baby. She cooks and manages my household chores well. She is reliable & equips with good knowledge on electrical appliances such as microwave. She is organized person & does things neatly & keep things clean. A very good nanny who also advises and listens to our needs.

Lyn Lee
May 11

The assigned nanny can cook very well. She is very well versed in her usage of herbs. Takes very good care of the baby. Would highly recommend to my friends and relatives. Thanks

Zonna Ong
Apr 11

Responsible agency in engaging confinement nannies. Nanny is skilled and efficient in taking care of the baby.

Evangelyn Choon
Apr 11

ConfinementNanny.com is able to provide you nanny services that can ensure that the mother and baby are in good care. They are able to deliver their claim of “Happy Mommy, Happy Baby”.

Suah Jun
Mar 11

Highly recommended.

Valarie Zhuo
Mar 11

Nanny is a great cook who always find ways to present her food in an appetizing way. She even teaches me how to cook so that I could pick up some skills to prepare my meals after she leaves.

Cindy Lim
Mar 11

We are very happy with our baby’s nanny. She is competent in taking care of our baby, she makes sure mother eat well and rest well. Very organize nanny, strongly recommend for expectant mom.

Murina Chong
Feb 11