We have more than hundred testimonials received in our years of service and all are listed below. It will  take a while to go through all of them!

Jo is extremely efficient in terms of administration. The arranging of the nanny service is very smooth. Nanny takes very good care of my baby daughter and I. She is very clean and practices good hygiene. Most importantly she showers lots of love on my baby.

Veron Law
Aug 13

Your nanny made our life much more stress free. We were allowed to spend quality time with baby and each other.

Narita Noor Steere
May 2013 – July 2013

Auntie has been great help this trying period. She is a fast worker and experienced in ensuring my baby feels comfortable all the time. Thank you Nanny!

Julia Chia
Jul 13

I had a very good experience liaising with Jo on arranging for a nanny. The nanny herself was a very professional and meticulous for the entire period. Many thanks and appreciation.

Mrs C. Quek
Jul 13

My family and I really enjoyed our experience and our confinement nanny was wonderful. Thank you!

Asema Ahmed
Jul 13

Nanny has been tremendous help with the baby! A very easy-going and jovial lady. She has definitely brought much joy to all members in the family. She’s also very accommodative and would accede to our every requests with no questions asked. Thanks to ConfinementNanny.com for the great service! Jo from ConfinementNanny.com has been great! Without her help, we wouldn’t have been able to survive the confinement period! Thanks Jo!

Mrs Shirleen Ng
Jul 13

I’m happy with the service of the agency & confinement nanny. I will definitely recommend the services to my friends.

Daisy Lim
Jun 13

I’m very happy to have a confinement nanny. She is very caring and very good in cooking. I will recommend my friends to choose ConfinementNanny.com.

Ong Ming Ming
Jun 13

Our first nanny had family issue and had to terminate her services 2 weeks early… luckily ConfinementNanny.com found a replacement for us immediately and my confinement went on smoothly…..

Michelle Neo
Jun 13

We had nanny for 6 weeks plus she was amazing with our baby and looked after my husband & myself in terms of meal preparation and grocery planning and shopping. I highly recommend my nanny especially for first time parents.

Joelle Sassoon
Mar 2013 – May 2013

Nanny is very experienced & super duper efficient nanny.

Irene Ng
May 13

Nanny helps a lot. And teaches us useful tips in handling the baby.

Sim Yong Yee
May 13

Nanny has showed really good care and concern to baby and has enable me to have the needful rest during this 28 days of confinement period. Kudos to ConfinementNanny.com for providing such a wonderful nanny.

Genevieve Yeow
Apr 13

Nanny is a great asset. Nat is our first so having someone so experienced living with us for those first few weeks was invaluable. And the food, wow! Here’s to “Confinement Cuisine!”

Ben & Claire
Nov 2012 – Mar 2013

Our nanny was a godsend to us. She is an excellent cook and took care of all baby care as well as the maintaining a clean home. Highly recommended. Baby well looked after by nanny. Someone I can trust.

Chew Li Ching
Mar 13