We have more than hundred testimonials received in our years of service and all are listed below. It will  take a while to go through all of them!

Nanny is well trained in infant care. We can have a peaceful night rest with nanny performing night duties (ie. Changing diaper, night feed, etc). The confinement food is good too.

Joanne Ng
Oct 2015

I was initially apprehensive about the nanny because I didn’t have any personal testimonial about the nanny. But my fears were allayed when I saw how the nanny looked after my baby. I was very pleased with the nanny, her cooking was good and my baby loves her. Even my husband commented that this nanny is very good.

Liu Shuling
Sept 2015

We felt very assured with nanny caring for mommy and baby, and very pleased with her services and the services of ConfinementNanny.com. Thank you!

Alexandria Neoh
Sept 2015

Nanny has been a big help to us both showing us how to take care of the baby and she made it look so easy, she was very good with the baby and gives us lots of tips plus her food was delicious.

Jeffernie Tan-Sterne
Sept 2015

Aunty is extremely helpful with baby care, housework and cooking. Her experience with baby care is fantastic and I can see my son is very well taken care of, such that I have a peace of mind at nights and going to work. Her cooking is great as well.

Chwa Wee Kwang
Sept 2015 (Repeat Client)

Nanny is very experienced and takes care of both the mummy and babies (twins) very well. The agency is also very professional and flexible in catering to last minute changes & requests.

Lee Siew Hong
Aug 2015

Confinement lady provided an excellent service for the whole family. We can rest in peace while she takes care of baby, something that we are really thankful for.

Chua Yong Meng
Aug 2015

Thank you ConfinementNanny.com for providing us a good nanny to take care of my baby boy and the food that she cook is delicious.

Goh Hian Twee
Aug 2015

Nanny has been a great help. She takes initiatives and has a gentle spirit, is calm and knows what she is doing. Will highly recommend her.

Ku Shanli
July 2015

Jo have been very helpful in the entire arrangement. No fuss solution and a seamless coordination of all work pass applications. Able to provide full understanding of the job scope of the nanny.

Wesley Han
June - Aug 2015

Nanny has taken great care of me and my baby. Nanny has met my expectation. Thumps up. I recommend my friends to ConfinementNanny.com. Thank you.

Serene Kok
July 2015

Helps to have a confinement nanny for 1st time parents. Really takes 80% bad & 99% anxiety-headache – uncertainty away. Through an agent, we are assured of reliability. Thank you Josian Services. Well explained and assisted throughout by agent and nanny.

Kenneth Tong
July 2015

Nanny is gentle and caring to my baby. She looks after baby well. Pro-breastfeeding and she can cook well. Will recommend her.

Jamie Poon
June 2015

I’m very pleased that I’ve engaged ConfinementNanny.com. My confinement nanny was very responsible and cares a lot for me and my baby, and was very proactive in helping us around the house. Thumps up!

Christine Chew
June 2015

Perfect arrangement and hassle-free services provided by Josian Services. As for nanny, I couldn’t ask for a better person to take care of my baby. She is an amazing nanny, super patient, knowledgeable and caring towards my entire family.

Rachel Ang
May 2015