We have more than hundred testimonials received in our years of service and all are listed below. It will  take a while to go through all of them!

Nanny is very responsible in taking care of my baby. I am also very impressed by her initiative when it comes to caring for my nutritional needs.

Joycelyn Yeap
Mar 10

I was very apprehensive initially having to find a new nanny last minute but I am now glad I went through this agency for a confinement nanny. The nanny they appointed to me was caring, hardworking and took good care of the baby and mother. She was also knowledgeable and pro-breastfeeding. I would strongly recommend to my friends.

Mrs Dawn Kwek
Mar 10

Individual mommy’s needs are considered & customized very well. Response time on agent’s part to mommy’s needs fast and responsive. Very good service.

Mrs Daphne Chan
Mar 10

Organised nanny agency with checklist on the day of arrival & solicit feedback to improve further.

Sandy Tok
Feb 10

I am very happy with the nanny’s performance especially taking care of my newborn. Thanks to ConfinementNanny.com for tasking an experience nanny to me.

Pearly Tan
Feb 10

I did not have any confinement nanny for my first 2 kids. This third one being my last, I decided to pamper myself for once and engaged one. I have since realized how helpful and important it is to have one. And with this nanny, it benefits me even more – to realize how to handle babies & toddlers with lots and lots of patience.

Kris Ng
Feb 10

Nanny was most loving with my newborn. She took care of him as if he was her grandchild. I could always trust that she had a solution to any fussy issues baby would have. She gave my husband and I a great deal of peace-of-mind.

Karen San
Feb 10

We were very happy to have a nanny from ConfinementNanny.com. Our nanny was very kind and knowledgeable about confinement life. I really appreciate her conscientious care not only for our baby but also for my whole family.

Jan 10

Josian Services was prompt and professional on all areas. The nanny assigned to our family, became a part of our family! Would recommend to anyone.

Mrs Kelly Rao
Jan 10

It’s my last minute request for CL and this website can really provide me with a good CL and good service. It really relieve my stress. Thanks.

Ong Lay Cheng
Dec 09

Nanny was very helpful and took good care of my baby.

Mrs Xu Jianghong
Nov 09

ConfinementNanny.com has provided me a marvelous service. The nanny assigned is experience and open. She is very helpful and provided extra housekeeping service for me. Jo is a sincere lady which prompted me to engage her service. I would recommend ConfinementNanny.com service to my friends.

Charis Lim
Nov 09

My confinement nanny was experienced and caring. She was also very patient. She often went the extra mile to help out the chores without my requests. She really sets our mind at ease.

Chang Siao Yun
Nov 09

We are really glad that we have a very committed and caring nanny. She is also hygienic, an important asset in handling new born.

Lee Siang Hoon
Nov 09

Confinementnanny.com truly provides prompt & excellent service. My nanny was professional & very responsible – this enable me to rest really well during my confinement as I could trust her to take care of everything, needs of my baby & myself. Thanks Josephine.

Michelle Koh
Oct 09