We have more than hundred testimonials received in our years of service and all are listed below. It will  take a while to go through all of them!

Nanny was very helpful and knowledgeable about care of baby and is thoughtful and considerate. She is also very responsible and really has a passion for the work. Josephine was also very efficient. Nanny is also willing to teach us how to care for our baby.

Mercy Teo
Jan 2018

I am writing a letter of recommendation for nanny for taking such excellent care of our baby. She has been working with us from 16th Dec 2017 to 12th Jan 2018. During this period, she has been very attentive to the needs of our baby. As you are aware, newborn babies tend to wake up multiple times at night, nanny has been taking very good care of my baby whenever she cries at night. In addition, she has been providing excellent support for my wife after her delivery.

Dr Larry Wu
Dec 2017

Nanny has very good knowledge on confinement practices, and was able to customize confinement food to my preference. She is also very diligent in the care of the baby, and was a great help to me especially at night.

Marianne Choo
Dec 2017

Nanny is good in cooking and take care of baby well.

Diana Lim
Dec 2017

Very happy with the service of the nanny and have been a great help. Than you for your help and service.

Eve Tay
Nov 2017

We are very happy to have a good nanny to take care of our pre-mature baby. She cooks well and care for the baby whole-heartedly. Our baby is fed promptly and she grows up strong and healthy. Overall, I would recommend ConfinementNanny.com to whoever want the nanny services.

Winson Lim
Oct 2017

Nanny has been a great help! She always very smiley and ever so patient with the baby! Nanny cooks very well too! Will recommend nanny to all mommies.

Vera Tan
Oct 2017

Nanny really takes care of our daughter Aira with full of love. I and my husband really happy to have her as our nanny.

Eriko Eshima
Sept 2017

Nanny is very experienced and takes care of both mommy and baby well. ConfinementNanny.com provides us with assurance of their service quality. I will definitely recommend ConfinementNanny.com to my friends.

Lin SiJie
Sept 2017

Nanny not only helped care for me and baby but also entire family as well including my very active toddler. She takes pride in her work and goes above and beyond her duties.

Melissa Tan
Aug 2017

As a first time mom, we did not know what to do. Nanny helped tremendously in caring for the baby, telling us what to do/ how to care for baby and patterns of baby. She listens to our requests and takes in comments readily. We’re very happy with her and wished she could stay longer.

Sharon Ng
Jul 2017

Nanny is like a friendly grandmother in the family. Mommy is able to rest and learn with nanny in the house. We feel comfortable with her.

Cindy Lee
Jun 2017

The service is good. Explanations are clear. Very responsive. The nanny is very experienced and caring.

Joely Chong
May 2017

Nanny assigned to us is very professional and knowledgeable. She has helped us way beyond her scope. It was a very pleasant experience with ConfinementNanny.com

Chwa Hock Lai
May 2017

Everything was fabulous. Nanny was excellent, fantastic, professional and hardworking. Nanny was very good in all her ways of sharing. She shared a lot of tips to care for babies. We hope all nannies can be like nanny so good and professional in their job.

Ng Pin Pin
April 2017