We have more than hundred testimonials received in our years of service and all are listed below. It will  take a while to go through all of them!

Nanny was a fantastic help to us during our first month. She is an excellent cook and took care of both our needs and baby’s. We would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a confinement nanny!

Debbi Sutuntivorakoon
Nov 2018

Nanny has been an exceptional caretake for both myself and my baby. She has gone beyond her duty and provided excellence and professionalism in her service. Highly recommended for confinement nanny’s service with ConfinementNanny.com

Christine Heng
Nov 2018

Confinementnanny.com has provided wonderful Confinement Services in the form of one of their very experienced nannies, to us. We have just delivered twins, and the nanny we got was not only calm and patient, she was friendly and very helpful. We are very thankful for nanny’s help during this period and I credit my good recovery to her wonderful care and cooking.

Phebe Poon
Nov 2018

ConfinementNanny.com has a 10/10 service. We have changed nanny once but it was very quick so there was no problem in between. The second nanny came did really well. Just remember to give Nanny enough rest and food! Thank you ConfinementNanny.com for the service. Highly recommended.

Fiona Lim
Oct 2018

ConfinementNanny.com provides very good follow up service. Nanny assigned was very experienced and helped us in many aspects especially for new parents like us. Will definitely recommend ConfinementNanny.com!

Winnie Heng
Oct 2018

Thank you very much for ConfinementNanny.com. Nanny helped us a lot especially she was very good with my older son. My son liked nanny very much. We’ll miss nanny!

Mika Rice
Oct 2018

Jo – Very professional. Thank you for your assistance.
Nanny – Experienced cook and nanny. Very friendly and shares a lot of her experience with us. It was a joy to have her with my family. Thanks for caring for my family!

Lee Wanqing
Oct 2018

I’m glad that I’ve hired a professional nanny to take care of baby and myself. The nanny was able to share her caring and cooking tips, and with her help, I was able to rest well and take care of other matters. Jo has also been very patient in recommending a nanny who suits my needs. I’ll recommend ConfinementNanny.com to all mommies!

Lee Wanli
Oct 2018

We are very happy with the nanny and the service. We felt very comfortable with the nanny and our baby is cheerful and well adjusted. We will definitely use the service again.

Jessica Sganzerla
Sep 2018

Confinement nanny is very meticulous when it comes to details regarding baby or me. She would always advise me to have more rest and let her care for my baby. I am fortunate and delighted to have her helping me this past month. I will miss her definitely. All thanks to Jo for arranging. I will definitely recommend my friends if there is any giving birth in the near future.

Zo’an Wong
Sep 2018

A very friendly and helpful nanny. She provide good guidance and advice in handling the baby. Even this is my second child, I still learn a lot from her. Thank you!

Alice Wong
Sep 2018

Thank you nanny for taking good care of my baby and me during this one month of confinement! Nanny is very knowledgeable and I have learn a lot from her!

Jecinda Koh
Sep 2018

Auntie is very caring and gentle to my baby. Very sincere in her job and she is experience in taking care of both mommy and baby. Thanks Josian Services!

Tan Bao Ling
Apr 2018

Although I engage nanny only for 2 weeks, but she have taken good care of my son and she gets along with my family very well. I would definitely recommend her to my friends in future. 😊

Anisia Chua
Aug 2018

For any parents, it’s important for the nanny to love and care for the baby like her own child. And nanny did just that. While I was drowsy & exhausted from the delivery & trying my best to recover asap, I was assured that anytime the baby cries, she will spring to his side. Her home-cooked food also helped me recuperate way faster than expected. Sincere thanks to her for making our first-time parenthood experience a much smoother one. 😊

Cheng Xinhong
Aug 2018