We have more than hundred testimonials received in our years of service and all are listed below. It will  take a while to go through all of them!

When there was an issue with my initial nanny (from another agent), Josian Confinement came to the rescue in just 2 days. I was relieved and thankful that they could be so efficient to find one nanny for me as I needed rest after delivery baby. I was surprised that in such a short noticed, I could get a good nanny as well. My nanny, Mei Ling, took great responsibility to take care of not only the baby, but for me and my family with delicious food, sometimes going beyond what was required of her. It was great to have a jovial nanny around to make my confinement less stressful. I enjoyed the complimentary nutritional shake given by the agency in times when I didn’t feel like having a meal with carbo. Thanks Josian Services!

Feb 2019

Aunty Ah Yong is very patient in taking care of my baby. She also makes sure I am always getting enough rest and eating well. Aunty cooks very well so I always enjoy eating the meals she prepares. We are thank you for having her as our confinement nanny.

Feb 2019

Just writing a feedback for Aunty Amy. We are satisfied with aunty’s service. She cooks well. We are amazed that she can complete so many tasks within a day and still is able to do the tedious night shift of feeding the baby. Our baby is not easy to deal with, especially with his crankiness which can last throughout 3 hours. We are thankful that Aunty Amy is patient with the baby and teaches us how to take care as first time parents. She made this transition period smoother one for me as a new mummy.

Feb 2019

Thankful for the help Auntie Pei Feng has rendered us with the newborn baby. She is never pushy and conscientiously does her part in taking care of baby so that I can have sufficient rest. Also appreciate Josephine taking time to hear our needs and concerns prior to the confinement period, to ensure we are matched with the most suitable auntie.

Feb 2019

Nanny is very attentive and very sensitive towards the needs of mommy and baby. She is very adaptable and professional in her work. We would like to thank Josian Services for the help in getting us nanny to tide us thru the very difficult time.

Francis Lim
Jan 2019

“Proactive and anticipates needs of the mother and family”
“Warm and friendly and demonstrates professionalism and knowledge”

Gene Yap
Jan 2019

The nanny is very experience and well-trained to care for the baby. We also appreciated the variety of dishes that nanny can cook

Agnes Chong
Jan 2019

It was fuss-free and worry-free using the agency to engage a nanny. I know all is taken care of. Auntie turned out to be great – warm, jovial, knowledgeable. It was such a great way to start motherhood having such great support!

Raquel Tan (Repeat Mommy)
Dec 2018

Nanny was a great help to my wife and I during the confinement period. At first time parents, she taught as how to bathe our newborn, things to look out for during cleaning and feeding. She’s receptive to our feedback as to how we want certain things prepared and will ensure she remembers it. She’s patient, caring and did try to ensure we can survive after the confinement month!

Kevin Quek
Dec 2018

Despite us finding a confinement nanny quite last minute and having an early birth, the confinement nanny assigned was really great and is very knowledgeable in taking care of baby and mommy every day and night. We have benefitted a lot from her! Thanks Josain!

Kwan Yee Ching
Dec 2018

Jo has been prompt in our enquiries. Nanny was experienced in taking care of baby and was genuinely concerned about baby and mommy. She was open to mommy’s wishes with regards to traditional confinement practices. Overall satisfaction 7.5/10

Nov 2018

Nanny was a fantastic help to us during our first month. She is an excellent cook and took care of both our needs and baby’s. We would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a confinement nanny!

Debbi Sutuntivorakoon
Nov 2018

Nanny has been an exceptional caretake for both myself and my baby. She has gone beyond her duty and provided excellence and professionalism in her service. Highly recommended for confinement nanny’s service with ConfinementNanny.com

Christine Heng
Nov 2018

Confinementnanny.com has provided wonderful Confinement Services in the form of one of their very experienced nannies, to us. We have just delivered twins, and the nanny we got was not only calm and patient, she was friendly and very helpful. We are very thankful for nanny’s help during this period and I credit my good recovery to her wonderful care and cooking.

Phebe Poon
Nov 2018

ConfinementNanny.com has a 10/10 service. We have changed nanny once but it was very quick so there was no problem in between. The second nanny came did really well. Just remember to give Nanny enough rest and food! Thank you ConfinementNanny.com for the service. Highly recommended.

Fiona Lim
Oct 2018