We have more than hundred testimonials received in our years of service and all are listed below. It will  take a while to go through all of them!

Confinement nanny has met our requirements to look after the baby and take care of the mother and manage the household chores.

Mrs Ow Yong T.L.
Aug 10

Nanny takes very good care of our baby Kayla and interacts well with the family. We will recommend her and confinementnanny.com to our friends.

Pearlyn Wong
Jul 10

The arrangement of the service is well co-ordinated, even when the nannies had to terminate their services due to personal reasons. The agency arranged for a replacement very quickly.

Linda Lin
Jul 10

Generally nanny is easy going, easy to get along. Fast in adapting to environment and she is friendly. Also quite responsible in taking care of baby. Overall quite pleasant experience.

Annie Yeong
Jul 10

Great service!

H’ng Hwee Khoon
Jun 10

The nanny is very responsible on her duties and taking really good care of the little one. We are thankful and she has really been a great help for the 28 days.

Natalie Chew
Jun 10

I’m glad that I have engaged a confinement nanny for my confinement. Nanny is good and has lots of experience. She has shared a lot of thing with me regarding looking after baby. I’m glad and would recommend my friend. Thank you.

Evelyn Moh
Jun 10

My nanny was approachable at all times and most importantly kept a watchful eye over my baby’s and my health.

Jayanthi D/O Jeyabalan
May 10

Nanny was very helpful and took very good care of our baby.

Emileen Low
May 10

Follow up by agency to check whether nanny is meeting expectations.

Mrs Neo
May 10

Nanny is really a great help to us! She cooks nice foods for me & my family. A very nice & great nanny!

Jessica Ho
May 10

Nanny is very friendly and helpful and very importantly, very efficient. It’s been great having her around!

Trina Lim
May 10

The assigned nanny is very experienced & she is sensitive to baby’s & mother’s needs.

Mdm Eng Kar Lye
Apr 10

Thanks to the nanny, the entire family is even healthier than ever.

Mr Naoto Sannomiya
Apr 10

Nanny was experienced, trustworthy.

Jaslyn Tan
Mar 10