We have more than hundred testimonials received in our years of service and all are listed below. It will  take a while to go through all of them!

Big thank you to nanny who has been very patient in taking care of me & baby.

Leong Siok Fun
Jul 2014

Nanny shared value experience with me and my hubby. It really help me a lot. She is very patient & helped me beyond her duties. Thumbs up.

Tan Lay Khim
Jun 2014

Nanny has been a very helpful. She blends well into the family. She has also taught me a lot on care for my first newborn.

Laura New
Jun 2014

I can leave my newborn in nanny’s care without any worries.

Lin WeiJun (Repeat Mommy)
Jun 2014

Baby is well taken care.

Lee Ai Lin
Jun 2014

We were really happy with nanny. She allowed me to rest and maintain some sanity in the mad new world of newborns. Most importantly, she sincerely cared for our son and his well-being which put our minds at ease. Would recommend nanny without hesitation.

Charlene Huang
Feb- May 2014

Our nanny assigned is good, she is patient and taking good care of my twins. CofinementNanny.com service is efficient.

Judy Zhu Yuan
May 2014

Nanny was great, Thanks!

Corinne Chew (Repeat Mommy)
May 2014

Nanny is very hardworking and very attentive towards the baby. She will volunteer to take on additional tasks, and help with our housework when we are busy. She’s also very experienced in taking care of babies. Will recommend her to others!

Sim HuiQing
May 2014

My nanny did a wonderful job with my baby and taught me how to discern what his needs were at any point in time. My husband and I are very grateful for her services.

Clarissa Chng
Apr 2014

Nanny is kind hearted and good natured. She is very patient with my baby.

Lee Ying Carine
Apr 2014

Nanny was lovely addition to our family. High recommend. Lovely calm personality. Would love to have her stay longer.

Arabella Pepper
Mar 2014

Nanny is very experienced in taking care of the baby and patiently coaxes her each time she cries.

Marilyn Lau
Mar 2014

Thanks for sending such a experienced nanny to take care of our family. She really took good care of us.

Toh Li Ying
Mar 2014

We are very happy with the nanny assigned to us. Josephine understands our needs and found us the right nanny. Our nanny can cook well and care for baby well. I was able to have a good rest as I could trust my nanny to take care of my baby and manage my household chores. Will definitely recommend ConfinementNanny to my friends.

Daphne Tok
Feb 2014